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I use HH every few weeks and would never go back to trawling through paper menus. Having all cuisines in one place, the customer reviews, and the ability to filter by nearest, cheapest, best rated etc are really handy features. They regularly throw up little offers for 10 or 20% off which may not seem like much, but it covers any costs & might get you a free coke. Any problems I've encountered have been with the restaurants themselves, but you'd get these issues if you went direct. I don't know if HH send feedback to their takeaways, but they really should. Also, I'd hope they have some kind of system in place where constant poor reviews lead to suspension from the site. Very good service all in all.

NOTE....after reading some very unfair customer reviews I feel pushed to add, it has always been my understanding that HH takes you as far as the booking. If you have a problem with the quality of the food or delivery, use your common sense & contact the restaurant yourself. How can you possibly think you'll get your order any faster or better by contacting HH & getting them to do it for? Perhaps you think a HH employee will show up at your door on a white charger with a full refund and your food with a sparkler sticking out of the top? Get a grip.

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