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National Lottery

The lottery is evil

We all were deceived into believing that legalizing the lottery would solve all of our economic problems. One state after another walked through this door of profiting from forbidding vices and now the entire United States is inside this dark, evil room wondering why we now have so many problems we didn’t have before. By legalizing the lottery this gave all businesses the permission to exploit and take advantage of the people in any way they could get away with. Slowly, one step at a time, respect for the customer, and “Please do business with us,” turned into “If your baggage is one pound over 50 we will charge you a $150 penalty.” Just a few years ago anyone could carry two pieces of baggage up to 70 pounds each on all plane trips with no charges, but now we must pay for our baggage and on some airlines we must also pay for our carry-on. I believe all of this is because we legalized the lottery.

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