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Good quality but no stock availability

Again Matalan launch another 20% off all stock. Brilliant ! Can buy all the grand kids their holiday wear without paying Next prices but still getting the same quality !
Not so everything I ordered was out of stock even though they had only just come on line. Why don't they have more? Ordered from Debenhams event instead. Is it just happening to me ?


Debenhams Rip Off Gift Cards a poisoned Chalice !

Please please take advice and do not purchase Debenhams Gift cards there are a waste of your hard earned cash. If you buy on line you can only buy if you have value on card or above so then you are usually left with a paltry sum of money that you can't do anything with.If you only have a small store near they have never got what you want so you have to order on line and pay up front but you have two gift cards which cover the amount .....can you amalgamate the cards ? No !
Remember your loved ones have paid hard earned money for these cards so surely they are worth something> So if you can't find item in store you've had it I'm afraid.
Why can't they operate like M and S and other stores where you can top up with your credit card so you can get rid of those wasted odd sums still on gift card?
How much money is just lying in Debenhams coffers just through gift card purchase.
Do not buy them just hand over the money this birthday or Christmas.

Flowers would have looked more in place in Supermarket sell by bucket !

Would not advise using this company and how do I tell the lovely friend that sent them for Christmas that they came in a split sodden cardboard box and the flowers looked very forlorn. The surprise of receiving the flowers was spoilt entirely. Have tried to contact company on their site but keep being instructed to go to a complicated link of numbers and letters which doesn't get me anywhere.
Very poor show !

Cheapsmells withBlue Chip Quality

Forget those beauty points you can always get a good deal with Cheap Smells.If you ring for help you always get a polite, intelligent
and helpful response.Also no hefty postage charges and goods delivered in specified time.
Excellent company and have used them frequently for last four years.
So tried and tested you could say.


Good Products but frequently sold out

Ordered a dress and had to return it as the sizes were on small side but loved the dress so went to reorder but completely sold out and if you look at many dresses on the website they too are sold out.
So it doesn't matter how good the product is if you can't get hold of it.
Now Cinderella won't go to the ball over Christmas !

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