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Expansys - Absolutely Appalling!

Short version: Expansys provides terrible customer service. They refuse to respond to emails and don't return calls, leaving customers waiting indefinitely for refunds. Expansys is by far the worst online retailer I have ever used (and I have been buying stuff off the internet for 12 years).

Long version: I ordered an HTC 8X from Expansys on Monday 5th November. Decided the day after getting it it wasn't for me and I couldn't afford to keep it. It then took me a week of trying to get them to arrange a return under DSR - they couldn't process my return over the phone ("you're just not on the system sir"), and then totally failed to call back or reply to my emails.

I returned the phone on Tuesday 13th November via recorded delivery, and heard nothing for 10 days. No acknowledgement of receipt, no refund.. zilch., despite confirmation from Royal Mail that it was delivered. I sent a moaning email, but no reply.

I finally managed to get through to them on Friday 23rd and they said that they were "moving premises from France" and had an enormous backlog of orders to get through. They said the first@expansys.com email address is wrong and no-one answers emails sent to that adddress (!) I asked them if they could confirm whether or not the return was received - they said that it was not on the system (still!) They said they couldn't process the refund over the phone and couldn't tell me when it would go through.

I rang Expansys on Wednesday 28th to chase up this sorry mess, and they said that they were still having problems (surprise surprise), that there was a massive backlog of returns (heard that one before), but that they'd "escalate" my refund and have the money back to me by today.

Obviously "escalate" to Expansys means "sit on backside scratching ****" because I have still not had my money back.

I will ring them on Monday and give them hell. It will be nearly 3 weeks since I returned the phone. The lesson here is NEVER BUY FROM EXPANSYS. EVER. And certainly never try and return anything for a refund. They are unbelievably bad.

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