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Simply Paving

communication problems

The product is great and it was delivered on the promised day. BUT, the service was poor. We were promised a phone call half an hour before they were due to arrive which did not happen. Also we specified that no-one would be available to help unload the bricks. They sent a woman driver who was not strong enough to do it by herself.
If a neighbour had not been in, and willing to help, we would have had no-one to accept the delivery or to get the bricks unloaded. This is unacceptable. Read the order form properly and do not promise calls that are not then made.
I was very disappointed as the reviews I read had lots of praise for the service

23 January 2013

Reply from Simply Paving Ltd

Mrs Newson,

I have spoken to the delivery depot to express your concerns.

Unfortunately, due to the number of calls each driver makes during the course of a day, the depot were unable to go far enough back on the phone's records to check if a call had been made to the number provided.

We have explained to the depot that the customer insists no calls were received prior to the delivery and this was not good enough as these instructions are there to help both the customer and the driver to make delivery as trouble free as possible.

As for the driver being unable to unload the pallet themselves, I can only apologise to both you and your neighbour for having to get involved in the delivery, as with a flat, level and solid surface there should be no issues with unloading a product such as the one on your order.

Again, we would like to offer our apologies.

Best regards


Simply Paving


when it's good it's very good but when it's bad it leaves wanting to kill yourself!!!!!

One star due to customer service mainly.

Positives. Really good prices and easy to navigate website, but double check hotels with a variety of customer review sites. Easy to book, although the site sometimes seems to crash between taking payment and confirmation. Check for the itinerary and it usually has gone through.
Negatives. Customer service is a total nightmare. It costs a fortune to use, you need loads of spare time to hold on, and then you tend to get rude staff who clearly don't care about your problems and do little to fix them. They are often more interested in selling you stuff. Lying seems to be common - they promise to take an action which does not happen.
I am certain they are losing customers hand over fist as word about this issue spreads. I know several people who won't use Expedia anymore due to this, and I am seriously thinking about joining them.
Nectar points. I know you don't get much from Nectar points as you need hundreds to get anything decent, but this makes it more important that you get them when you are entitled to them. EVERY time I have made a booking with Expedia I have had to call up to tell them that my request for points has failed on the booking page. Sometimes the points have been added, sometimes they haven't. Do not let Nectar points be an incentive to use this site as you stand a good chance of not getting them.

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03 December 2012

Reply from Expedia.co.uk


I apologise that you've had issues collecting Nectar points with some of your bookings. If you could drop me an email with details of the Itinerary numbers where you've missed Nectar points I'll raise these with our escalations team to investigate.

Kind Regards
Stuart Newman
Director of Customer Experience, Expedia EMEA
email - stnewman@expedia.com

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