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For international orders use Interflora instead

As others have mentioned, this company is incredibly unprofessional when it comes to international orders. Broken promises and a complete lack of communication.

I ordered a bunch of flowers for my girlfriend who is currently abroad, to wish her well for something happening on a particular day. When the day arrived I received no email telling me that the flowers had been successfully delivered or that there had been any problem. To cut a long story short, I had to contact Arena Flowers 3 times before I could find out what had happened. Eventually, in the afternoon 2 days after delivery date and after chasing a third time I was told that there had been a “technical problem” with the order and it didn’t get to their international partner properly (this is despite me receiving the confirmation email). Therefore nothing had been sent, my order hadn't even been received by the local florist and it was too late for me to arrange any alternative.

There seem to have been a number of things that went wrong with my order, but really the company appears to be unable to fulfil international orders with any reliability. I suggest either 1) Tracking down a local florist in the country you want the flowers sent, or 2) Using, I've never had a problem with them.

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