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City Link


I ordered what appears to be a beautiful bouquet of daffodils and tulips from Marks and Spencer to be delivered today,March 28th 2013.
The tracking was available on their site to follow the progress and it was through City Link's delivery service; all happily going well in the fact that the package had been picked up and delivered to their depot last evening,27th and telling me it would be delivered this morning between 07.30 and 12 noon.
They were destined as a lovely gift to brighten Easter for my seriously ill mother and as time went on and no word of excited thanks as would be normal for her by telephone,I kept checking throughout the day on City Link who say on their site that delivery could take up until 5.30pm a opposed to the stimate assured me by M & S.
Eventually,I again checked both my account on M & S as well as City Link as it got beyond 5.30pm with no word from Mum...
Only to discover that I have been refunded the full cost of the bouquet because M & S inform me that due to some kind of hitch,my flowers will not be delivered for another 24 hours?!!
Well....as tomorrow is Good Friday and City Link do not deliver then,at the earliest it will now be Saturday....AND WHAT KIND OF A BOUQUET OF DAFFODILS AND TULIPS delivered days late will be opened as a gift?
We all know the life-span of Spring flowers and I am so,so disappointed to be so badly let down on behalf of Mum.
She isn't yet aware of them arriving but I'm now going to have to tell her so that she won't think I've been on some inferior site and sent shoddy flowers.
Easter was meant to be special for her this year,surrounded by colour and Spring indoors as this could well be her last one.
I just wish I'd known about all these reviews earlier so that I could've done other arrangements.
When bad firms consistenly act in such an uncaring way they do not realise the disappointment and frustration they bring on customers and recipients.
I will order another lovely bouquet but it'll have to be after Easter now and with a different company.
How very poor the service is from City Link by the looks of all these reviews.
What should've been a joyous day has resulted in all the aforesaid emotions as well as anger and irritation at the futility of not being able to do anything.
Other than never ordering from anyone ever again who uses this so-called "courier" service.

Refresh Cartridges


The VERY best of its' kind in delivery,products and service on the internet; wouldn't ever use anywhere else after being with them for years and quality has never wavered.
Over my years of using R.C. I have purchased Brother printers,cartridges,photo-paper etc. and had the odd query now and then as to best printer etc. and all has been dealt with in the friendliest,most knowledgeable way.
I am even now still amazed at the fantastic speed of delivery..e.g. only this past week,I ordered some inks as I almost ran out whilst doing some photos of a special 90th Birthday party,thinking I'd never now get them finished in time for my next visit a couple of days later,which I was so hoping to do.
Anyway,at around 5.45pm I ordered all I needed,thinking I'd at least get them in time to do them for later....
The VERY NEXT DAY at just after 11am,guess what??
YES...they were here,on an Island,too...under standard,free delivery..it hadn't occurred to me until I realised hours after I'd finished ordering to have requested courier delivery so I was absolutely over the moon.
Trust me,I will never be using any other site for all my printing needs as the entire service is second to none!!

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