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SCAM artists - Go shopping elsewhere

Unfortunately, we did not look for reviews of this odious company before we made a purchase and have been without appliance or returned monies for 6 weeks.

Order placed for a dishwasher on the 29th September for £419.
Chased after 2 weeks and told it would be in stock for dispatch within a few days.
Nothing turned up and no notification received.
Chased again and were told it would be with them in a few days.
Nothing turned up and no notification received.
We cancelled order on the 25th October and were told that they would not be returning funds for 30 days as per the law. I queried this with my credit card supplier who confirmed that this was indeed the case.
After 30 days were up I contacted them by phone and was told that the money had been released but that it would take upto 5 days to clear into my account.
The money arrived on the 35th day after cancellation.
Lets examine the facts:-
The appliance was advertised for sale and in stock. Lie!!!
They tell you (and if you read other reviews, they do the same to many others) that the item is on its way to them from the manufacturer. Lie!!!
When you eventually cancel the order, they take a full 30 days to begin the process of returning your money. I know of no other company that does this or what possible reason there can be for doing so.

Beware. Do NOT have anything to do with them and pass this on to all you know. They are scammers. I have informed Watchdog and their local Trading Standards Authority and as many other review sites as possible. We need to drive these blaggers out of business. Who's with me?

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