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Very good back support.

Very good back support. Supported just where I needed it. Would definitely recommend to buy if you hav problems with your spine, slip discs, muscle spasms or scatica. Without this back belt I couldn't even do something as simple as the housework as my back would ache n stiffen up and other times my back would go into spasms so I couldn't move. With this belt on I can clean away, walk around and exercise as much as I want. And best of all its easy to put on, easy to clean and light enough not to feel stiff and restricted. It doesn't dig into your skin or stop you breathing. The extra straps are excellent for extra support. And its not over expensive. Very good value for money. Be wary of measurements when ordering as according to the measurements I needed a large belt but when it arrived it was too small and second belt re-ordered in biggr size was perfect. So just be careful to order one size up.

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