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Scuse my crappy heading

I have bought from missguided a fair bit before they were shipping to au for free! Yes I paid shipping! Out of all the items I have bought I have only kept one..and that being a pair of velvet boots docish style. Which aren't even the MG brand. Ive felt sizing can be a bit hit and miss. I bought dresses which all seemed to be quite accurate with size but then never wore them because, they were pretty and cute blah just always something else would grab my eye. Sold them on eBay. Didn't get much back. Anyway I bought one of those S/M M/L dresses. I got the ML because the website stated it was a 12 14 and uhhh my god I believe a 8 10 would have trouble getting in it. The clothes look short and not very good quality

They take too long to refund. I sent a dress back and had to remind them to refund me.

My latest purchase from them was a burgandy hat! It was $27 and I feel ripped off. The hat feels like cardboard and the HEAD IS SO SMALL!!! ohhhhhhh it hurt to put it on.. and I have an average sized head.

I will only purchaseif its super cheap but even then Id probably prefer to go elsewhere.

13 January 2014

Reply from Missguided

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for taking the time to review our site.

We're sorry to hear that an item you purchased wasn't the correct size, with an item being so much smaller than expected, we would list the item as faulty. With faulty items, please email our customer care team who will be able to provide you with a freepost label to return the item.

We allow up to 6 months for faulty returns.

We apologise greatly for any inconvenience caused.

Best wishes,

Missguided Customer Care xx


Asos I always return

I love asos! It is my first go to shop for clothing! Such a wide variety of brands styles etc.

Whenever I've returned an item they have always refunded me in the speediest time frame! Within a day or two of the item reaching the warehouse!

The Asos brand has always been great quality!! I love their shoes! Always true to size and just on trend. Clothes depend on the fit of the piece. Sometimes I can go up or down in my size but like I said returns are super easy!

For anyone who has had their first experience with asos and it not been so good please give them another chance

They beat every other store out there for service and quality! x



I don't mind boohoo.

I wont buy the clothes. the quality and fit aren't always the absolute best.

I made a boohoo purchase lately the global clutch I think it was and I am quite happy with the quality.

Waiting on another bag.

Clothes nah. Bags yes.

Only spend what you are willing to lose I guess x



Topshop the clothes. the shoes, the bags etc always seem to be quite good.

the 85pound pair of boots I bought the inner sole is moving majorly but that can be fixed but not something you would expect for a pair of boots like that.

My major issue with topshop is their online store, the shipping. and their vile customer service.

Quite often with topshop you can make an order. And they wont ship it out til a week later...and by then many of the items you have ordered were out of stock. Which can really turn you off shopping there. I live in AU and I will make an order and it says your items will be with you no later than (insert date here). And then they don't ship the item out til 6 days later. Which either your item is out of stock or you recieve your items much later than promised. But they don't care. I have emailed them about their slack ass delivery and they respond with a standard generic email stating that they don't offer tracking for international parcels. Which really has nothing to do with what i asked about so I basically don't even bother anymore. I have decided to only order from topshop if its something that I can't find elsewhere. Its soo annoying.
Fix your shit guys


New Look..always disappointed.

I always like to have a look on the new look website to see if they have anything exciting. I hardly ever purchase from them but when I do..I am always disappointed with my product.

Sizing is always OFF! I can never tell how the sizing is going to be. It;s longer on the model but short on me...and I am short...way shorter than the model. I order the sizes up so it will be baggier but it just ends up being smaller than the size I actually am.

Needs to get sizing sorted out.

As for the inspire range....I have bought a few pieces for my mum and oh my lordy..they are SHORTTTTTTT!!!! They dont show the dresses on a model to show height and length...there are no details on the length of the dress so I don't even waste my money.

Customer service has always been alright. For the few times I've recieved faulty items....I've always recieved a full refund without sending the item back because I am in AU and its far too expensive

but yeah really have to learn to avoid new look. I am always disappointed. x

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