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Avoid like the plague, I'd rather pay double than deal with these idiots again!!!!

I have never experienced such miserable customer service from a company in my life.

Problems started the moment I opened my account and have persisted throughout.

They set the date of my DD for the end of the month, 28th, which I immedeiately advised was unsuitable and requested that they change to the begining of the month so I could guarantee funds would be available. They advised this was impossible and switched me to paying by cheque (same date) instead. I advised that this was also unsuitable as: I don't have a cheque book, I'd have the extra hassle of posting out the cheque and the date was still unsuitable. They wouldn't budge so I was forced back into paying the DD on the date I didn't want.

In July they mysteriously stopped taking my DDs, unfortunately I did not notice for a few months but having presumed they would have spent the money in my account. When I did realise and contacted them I was advised they would take it the following month. This has been going on for 5 months now and despite make wasting many hours emailing them and calling them they are now threatening me with legal action as they have allowed the amount to increase to over £500!

They admitted to me in email and over the phone that they have had issues with their direct debits and that none of this is my fault. I arranged a payment plan with one of their managers-also securing a discount of £30 and a refund of £8 for them trying to take the full amount on the 14th of November when the funds weren't available and very surprising as they'd insisted numerous times that they could only take DDs on the 28th of the month.

Despite me making this arrangement they have continued to mail and text me requesting the full amount and have now threatened court action to retrieve the money and have outlined the extra charges I can expect to pay should this go to court. On receipt of this letter I immediately called them and advised of the plan agreed with the manager and requested I speak to a manager. No one was available and I was told I'd be called back within 48 hours.

The call never came, I called them back to find they're closed on Saturdays, so I mailed them again and I am awaiting a reply.

They are without any doubt the most disorganised and inept company I have ever dealt with and I would strongly advise anyone looking to switch to them not to, I cannot think of any positive thing to say about them other than the ONE member of staff who did try and help me: Chris McAteer-though his efforts seem to have been screwed up by them anyway.

I'm off to waste another £10 calling them and hope I can resolve this before I take them to court for the stress they are causing.

Edit: still on hold 23mins

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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