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River Island offer a never-ending stream of fashionable clothes that I personally love. When I was younger River Island was my all time favourite shop because everything they sold was so cool, now, it's pretty shit. Sure there are still the odd items of clothing that I have the urge to buy, but there is just one thing that stops me. The price. I can't understand why 99% of the items being sold are so over-priced! I'm sorry to say it but I could go into shitty Primark and buy something that is pretty much the same for half the price, if not less! Sure, if I bought it in Primark I would wear it to death and it'd probably be unwearable after 2 weeks, but at least I wouldn't have a fear of ruining the item every time I went out and everytime I looked at it thought 'Ooh I better not wear that to this occassion because if it got ruined that'd be £50 down the drain'.
I understand how there is a great demand for profit in every company, but if the price keeps getting higher, the amount of loyal customers will fall.


Favourite online store by far

I have purchased over 15 items from this company on sepreate orders and each time I have been happy with the price, the quality of the clothes, the discount codes that are frequently sent to me via the newsletter as well as the understanding people that work in customer service.
I have only had one mishap with this website and it was on my first ever order, I usually fit into a UK size 10 dress in other shops so I ordered a dress and playsuit in that size but neither of them fitted and the playsuit had a faulty zip.
I returned both items and e-mailed Missguided about the zip, they replied the same day and gave me a discount code for 10% off my next purchase. I was refunded for both items quicker than expected and they have been my favourite online clothing website ever since.
Keep it up! :)

13 December 2012

Reply from Missguided

Hi Charlotte,

I am absolutely delighted to hear that you found our team helpful and understanding. I hope that you continue to follow our exciting brand.

Best Wishes,
Grace xx



Before I write my complaint I would like everyone to know how I have loved Newlook for their reasonable prices and helpful customer service team in the past. In store I am always satisfied with my purchases and the shop assistants are all lovely in the stores nearby me.
I recently used Newlook's website to purchase a few items for my boyfriend's birthday, I ordered a shirt, a belt as well as a pair of hi-tops. I qualified for free standard delivery and recieved the items in the post when I expected them, everything was going well until my mum realised that one of the hi-tops was smaller than the other. I had ordered size 9's but recieved a size 7 and a size 9, I was very frustrated as I'd always considered Newlook as a well-known and respectable company and was shocked with how they could make such a big mistake.
Outraged by this, I called the customer service team straight away to complain about the item. I spoke to a young woman who said she would e-mail me a code for 10% off as well as free next day delivery by the end of the day.. it was 5pm already so I thought I might as well wait and check my e-mails in the morning. Were the discount codes there? No. Even more aggravated than before I called the customer service team again and by the end of the conversation the young lady had agreed to e-mail me the same codes but later in the day. Being the nice person I am, I accepted this and agreed to wait for the e-mail until 5pm when she said it would come through.
So again, for the THIRD time I rang customer service and spoke to an older woman who seemed to understand my problem a little better, I ended up giving her my mum's e-mail address to send a next day delivery code to because "mine must have not been working" despite the fact that I'd been receiving messages at the same e-mail address all day. The lady stayed on the phone until the code came through, so I tried it when purchasing another pair of hi-tops in a seperate order.
The code didn't work, apparently it had expired..
So the woman suggested that I PAID for next day delivery, which I must add is overpriced especially if you're only buying a light-weight item. So I paid because I wanted the shoes by tomorrow at the latest because his birthday was the day after.
The woman said that the delivery cost would be refunded within the next 5 days.. I got the shoes the next day, thank bloody god, at least they got that right. But 5 days later, had my money been refunded? No.
11 days later the money appeared in my bank account covering the delivery cost. To be honest they should have refunded both delivery costs for both purchases AND an extra 10% off the order for the hi-tops on their own.
So I've been stuck at home with an unwanted pair of odd-sized hi-tops until I had a spare moment away from work and studying to go into a Newlook store and return them, but no, I couldn't get my money back there and then because I used PayPal and they needed my 16 digit code from my card. I suggested that they put the money back into my PayPal account but no one in the store knew how to do it.. the day after I have to MAKE time to re-wrap my odd shoes and give them to a store that had Collect+, none of which where anywhere near me so I had to travel quite far to one. Now I have to wait 28 DAYS for my money to be refunded which will be nearly 2 months after the initial order.
Absolutely f***ing appalling. I used to enjoy shopping online on the Newlook website but now I hesitate incase they completely cock it up again. I am still angry as I feel as if I'm more out of pocket than I should be because of someone elses mistakes. The least I deserve from this is a sincere (not automated) apology from the company, and if they don't want to lose a loyal customer for good, give me a VALID discount code and the free next day delivery that I was promised.
Sort it out, get some professionals to work for the company, keep to your promises and ensure EACH and EVERY customer is satisfied or it'll be you who is out of pocket in the end.

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