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Delivery NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

Ordered a shower screen 2 weeks ago - website tracking system said it had been dispatched the following day. No sign of it a week later so a call to customer services who inform me they dont know what the delay has been but it will be delivered today. Take afternoon off work to be in for delivery, no sign of van or call in way of explanation so phone customer services AGAIN. They cant understand where it is, but will chase up with the courier and get back to me - No one does.
Next day, exactly the same thing happens again, I'm met with further confusion and misdirection by customer services who assure me it will be delivered today(?!?). AGAIN we get to 5 o'clock with no word or sign of a delivery. AGAIN I phone customer services who AGAIN are clueless as to why I haven't been contacted by the courier with an explanation as to why I have no shower screen in my posession. They promise to find out whats going on and get back to me (I've heard this before so don't hold out much hope of a return phone call). Surprisingly, they do call me back and tell me the delivery was scheduled for today, but the van they had it on was too big to gain access to my street (wide town centre road, where numerous arctic lorries have delivered to me countless times before). The screen has therefore gone back to Manchester and will be redelivered on a smaller lorry next week! It is now a fornight since i ordered and at the time of writing I still do not have the shower screen I payed for 14 days ago. I have told the company that at the very least I want my 'standard' delivery cost (what a joke) reimbursed and if there is no sign of my purchase in the next 48 hours then the order will be cancelled.
I cannot begin to describe how frustrating and time consuming this purchase has been. If decent and reliable customer service is something your looking for then heed my warnings and pick another company - I'd like to comment on the quality of their product but I'm starting to feel I may never lay eyes on it. Avoid at all costs is my advice.

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