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Avoid at all costs.

One problem after another, with each call they promise and do not deliver. I should have known better as I was with Talktalk previously. Problems moving to new address. Problems with being over charged. Suffered very poor telephone and broadband. Numerous times I was told it was my equipment. Two engineers visits and one year later finally sorted it. It is not Talktalk policy to refund or compensate for poor service! They readily charge for engineers visits even if the engineer only finds a fault with equipment Talktalk are responsible for or the engineer does not have the knowledge or experience to find the fault. They extended my contract for one year without telling me. I found out that the person I spoke to to make an initial complaint had extended my contract. Appalling behaviour. I have lost count of the number of calls I have made, the number of times I have been cut off, the number of calls back I have been promised that never happened. Talking to the CEO managers is little better. They will not respond in writing at all costs it seems, they prefer to talk to you and can then deny all knowledge later. Been waiting 4 days for an email from a CEO manager confirming an agreement made on the phone and my MAC code. Still waiting.
Extremely frustrating, costly, infuriating, rude, even fraudulent.
Please do not use, they will take all the money they can however they can. If things go wrong they will try all they can to blame you.
Passing my complaint over to the ombudsman so OFCOM can add it to their statistics.

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Please do not use Partmaster

Purchased a grill door for £93. Delivery was 7 hours late. Received no communication from them about this. DPD (the courier company Partmaster use) could not contact me about this either as Partmaster had given their number as a contact number not mine. Door was faulty. Collection didn't happen on the day I had arranged with a manager. I was lied to that collection couldn't happen due to the weather, DPD said that no booking had been made, all delivery and collections had happened as planned in my area on that day. Would not issue refund until item had been returned to Partmaster. Still awaiting a refund and after all this they are refusing a refund of the postage despite already saying that they had refunded it. Would only offer refund rather than replacement as requested as it was now out of stock. They said that they could order direct from the supplier but the price had gone up by £15 and I would have to pay the higher price! Some very rude staff, some incompetent and some helpful but ineffectual. Do not believe their returns information, this is not what I experienced.
Very poor indeed, I will never use Partmaster again.


One out of two ain't bad !!? Still awaiting a reply.

Ordered 2 pairs of Raybans (£183.60) on 29th October and received them on 14th November. All good so far, I was happy with the time they took to arrive. On testing both pairs of glasses I noticed that the frame of one pair was very distorted and damaged so arranged to send them back. SelectSpecs received them on 23rd November but 11 days later and I still have no idea what is happening with a replacement/refund for this pair of glasses and refund of my return postage costs. Emailed them but received a reply saying they are still trying to work out what to do(?). Created 'tickets' on my account to highlight the problem. Still nothing. Live chatted to them, was told that I would be contacted asap by a manager but still nothing. I have had to resort to a formal complaint giving them 7 days to respond. It really shouldn't come to this should it?
A poor experience, I will not use them again and will warn family and friends to try somewhere else.

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