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What a disgraceful delivery service!
I ordered a GHD Hair Dryer and paid extra for it to be delivered on Monday 19.11.12 between 7am and 12 noon. I was hoping to take it on holiday with me.
We live on a 'no through road' with 7 houses on it, I could hardly miss the delivery man!! I stayed by the window and repeatedly looked out for him until 11.45hrs. then still sitting by the window I phoned customer services: A recorded message says your call will be answered within 10 minutes as all of our operators are busy at the moment! After listening to this pathetically recorded message and music repeatedly for 48 minutes, I hung up and phoned again this time selecting to place an order. Success, I got to speak to someone only to be told this is a call centre, I can put your call through to customer services but sorry, I can't deal with your complaint! This time my call was answered within 10 minutes and as so many other customers have already stated, the lady I was speaking to said she'd refund my delivery charge of £4.95. Very nice of her but not what I wanted. Why say you can choose your delivery time slot for an extra charge and then not be able to deliver??She also told me my order hadn't left the warehouse yet and that I should wait 11 days for it to arrive before ringing to complain again. That done, I went out to do some food shopping, on my return an hour later, my neighbour came out with the said ordered hair dryer saying the delivery man was most abrupt with her complaining he'd been to my house twice and had no reply! Even when she pointed out my car had been parked outside the house and that she knew I'd been in all day except for the last hour, he insisted he'd been twice. Absolute total rubbish, guess he was covering his own back?
Love the Hair Dryer but will NEVER EVER order from VERY again. Complete waste of time, and money! VERY POOR PERFORMANCE ALL ROUND.

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