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BJ Trading

Gode priser og hurtig levering

Jeg køber mange SANDISK hukommelseskort - og oftest hos BJ Trading, da deres priser er under halvdelen af hvad fotohandlerne tager.

Leveringe er altid sket på max 2 dage - og nogle gange med kort med bedre specifkationer end lovet (Senest et 16 GB SANDISK extreme SDHC - lovet 20 mb/sek - leveret med 45 mb/sek)


Hurtig og troværdig

Jeg bestilte nogle LED pærer. De blev afsendt samme dag - og jeg modtig dem dagen efter.

Pærerne var for store, så jeg var nødt til at returnere dem.
Fik svar allerede dagen efter. Pærerne var taget retur og penge indsat på samme kort hvorfra betalingen var foretaget.

Flot, hurtig, præcis og vigtigst troværdig service !!

Simply Electronics Ltd.

They LIE to me all the way....

I ordered a Sony Xperia Go mobile phone November 11th. It is a commodity product which is in stock at every retailer around.

Every day SE claims: It is in stock - usually ships in 2-4 business days. THAT'S A LIE. Now 17 business days after ordering it has not been shipped.

Usually delivered in 7-14 business days - THAT'S A LIE

7 days ago Justin from SE Customer Service wrote to me: "We can confirm that your order is being prioritized for dispatch. We have upgraded your order to expedited delivery service" - THAT'S LIE. Nothing has happened

Today (dec 4) Elliot from SE customer service wrote to me: "We seek your extended patience whilst we work to ensure your order is shipped with minimal delays moving forward. It appears to be an isolated case for your particular product we understand. That being said, we can be assured that your order will be shipped. We would appreciate if you could bear an additional few days for updates" -THEY KEEP ON LYING

Dec 5 SE writes to me: "Our delivery team is hard at work to ensure that your order is dispatched by the nearest date possible. Rest assured we are giving our best efforts to allocate your order top priority in order to address this delay" - still no sign of dispatch. Order page says 12 units in stock.

I will hang in a few days more. Not the Simply Electronics difinition of "Few days" which may mean months. How long should I wait ???

NOW it is December 19th.
It is one month and 8 days since i ordered my Mobile Phone. Since November 23 status has been "Order Awaiting Dispatch". I have had several mail maiol conversations with SE. SE continue to claim that ""your order is being prioritized for dsipatch" - BUT NOTHING Happens - nothing is being dispatched. And every day SE claim that the Sony Xperia Go is in stock and will ship in 2-4 business days . ALL LIES

I have now cancelled my order - WILL I EVER GET MY MONEY BACK ???

January 10th
3 weeks after cancellation - still NO refund.
I send a new mail requesting refund, which was promised to happen SHORTLY

January 17th
Today Status for my order changed to "Refunded"
I checked my Master Card Account - an the money appears to be back - at long last.

I bought my Mobile Phone in a local store. Delivery time 5 minutes. Price 22% higher than SE - but also a much better and trustworthy warranty.

Simply Electronics Sucks. Only credit I will give SE is that they responded to every E-mail I send within 24 hours. Sometimes the response was pure nonsense, but at least they responded.

Will I ever again put an order at SE ? - NO
Will I recommend SE to anyone ? - NO

End Of Story

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