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Very poor - late delivery and damaged product!

My ex-partner had a £150 computer desk ordered form Asda, and Yodel were the delivering company. They didn't turn up on the day of the delivery (for which my ex stayed in ALL DAY for). The website was updated with a 'not in, left a card' crock of rubbish. The guy turned up the next day with the corner of the box ripped and the product damaged - but apparently it was "just like that when I got to work today". Asham of a firm with absolutely no concept of customer satisfaction.

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11 December 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Lee.

We're more than happy to take a look in to this for you. If you still have your tracking number for this delivery, pop it in an email and send it to us at social.media@yodel.co.uk. Alternatively, you're more than welcome to send over the full delivery address.



Much better sellers out there!

I have only ever had 2 dealings with Pandawill, once for them to send me a free Android TV stick to develop firmware on, and again with an order for a wireless air mouse/keyboard/trackpad combi. The TV stick wasn't dispatched until I'd chased it up with an email, and then it was made out to be MY fault and that I should have emailed them from the moment I ordered! The stick then arrived within a week, but the HDMI connector is faulty! No point returning it, since it was a freebie.
The combi keyboard/mouse unit I ordered is now a PayPal claim. After a 35 days of waiting from when they claim it was shipped, and with no tracking number (due to it being 'free' postage), I contacted them to confirm it had definitely been shipped. The customer service rep told me to wait at least 45 days for the order - which would then mean I would have no chance of dealing with any disputes through PayPal!! Straight away my suspicions were raised, and I went ahead with opening a PayPal dispute. Pandawill haven't so far responded to any messages I sent via the Resolution Centre, so I guess I was right to be concerned for my order.
I have used other online China sellers, and had better results. Pandawill is a company I would not bother with now.


Alright, except for follow-up farce!

I ordered a Universal Laptop Charger from Slamtech, and the product itself is good. But it never came with the cloverleaf power cable as they'd advertised - which I mentioned in my feedback review on Play.com. They then contacted me about my review, which I initially thought was a nice touch. They said they'd ship the cable out and it was an oversight on their part. First they said I'd need to pay shipping, but then they said they'd waive this cost and all I needed to do was amend my feedback on Play.com and give them a positive review here. I agreed to this, but have waited what is now a whole month before doing anything - and the cable has never materialized! So, it would seem that they tried to get me to give them a false positive feedback report on the promise of actually receiving my full original order! As I said, the product itself is good, and I would still have purchased it if they'd advertised that it didn't come with the power cable. But the follow-up farce has put me off of this company, especially as there's competition out there on the 'net with similar prices.

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