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Google Chrome Is Like a new BFF

I love Google Chrome.....all my faves are always with me, and everything I need is all in a single login.


Comcast is NOT Customer-friendly

I know, I know----they may be your ONLY option, but the problem is that they know it too, and they treat you, the customer, like crap. I can't stand getting a hard sell every time I have to call, or being sent flyers in the mail offering a great deal but then calling and finding out it's not offered in my rural area, and worst of all, when they charge for something that the rep said they wouldn't, nobody at Comcast seems to know how to take the charge off, even if the customer service representatives believe and agree it should be. I'm sure this is by design. I don't have time to call over every 5 or 8 dollar discrepancy on my bill, but multiply those discrepancies by the numerous Comcast customers, and you've got a major scam going on. I seriously dislike the policies of Comcast.

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Identity Guard®

Identityguard Saves Me TIME!

I'm a very busy mom and professional and I simply don't have TIME to keep an eye on my finances, but I worry about identity theft, so I decided to try Identityguard. My favorite feature is that notices are sent to me...I don't have to remember to check in or look at anything....I get them on email but my fave is sent via text. Woo-hoo, what's easier than that? So far, I haven't had any reason to "need" Identityguard (sorry, no roommate-stealing-my-identity or anyone impersonating a police officer stories), but that's the whole point...I want to know my information and identity are safe, secure, and in tact, and that's the peace of mind that I am finding with Identityguard. Plus I love that I didn't get sucked into an endless automatic withdrawal as some companies do, where again you have to call them to cancel the subscription after the trial. With Identityguard, they called me to make sure I wanted to keep going after the first trial. One less thing on my to-do list...I like that!

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