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Dreadful Customer Service, Woeful Communication, Avoid.

I ordered a new Transit Custom Van in November. Approaching the expected delivery date I requested a more precise update. The delivery date came and went. I emailed many times, no response. Eventually I am told, "expecting the invoice next week." Next week comes and goes, another email, no response. Finally I'm told 4 weeks after delivery date (now 16 weeks from order), that my vehicle was "irreparably damaged in transit." Irreparably? It fell off the transporter? It fell off the boat? I can't prove malicious intent, but the whole interaction left me feeling sick. Appalling communication and customer service, and a very suspicious 11th hour (plus 4 weeks) excuse and cancellation.
I suspect either their supplying dealer exceeded their allocation, or simply couldn't deliver at that price. My order was a factory order (with several options specified) which I also suspect added to the issue.
Perhaps if you're ordering a fairly standard (nil option) type vehicle with standard lead-times you might be OK. Better to use their quotation to negotiate hard with a main dealer. I've just re-ordered the same vehicle through a local main dealer, and although £500 more expensive, they answer the phone, return calls and emails, and are most helpful. They also advised that in their 15 years of dealing Ford Commercial vehicles, they have never known one to be "irreparably" damaged. Maybe a panel, a scuff, a scratch, but a write-off... No.

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