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Good Site

a great website for placing reviews about various other websites. However i deducted one star, because i had a technical issue with there website and when i emailed them, they never responded.

24 January 2014

Reply from

Hi Alan,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

I am sorry to hear that you had issues with our platform. I have not been able to find your email regarding the issue in our system therefore I kindly ask you to contact us again if the issue persists or if the problem happens again. You can contact our support team at and we will provide you with further assistance.

I would like to thank you for being a very active user of Trustpilot and helping improve online shopping experiences for everyone around the world.

Best Regards,


Poor Stock Selection

I buy the odd release of them every few weeks, I'd spend a lot more if only they'd improve there stock of blu-rays. There losing a tonne of money, i end up going online to purchase what i want. I thought after they joining up with HMV that the company would get a facelift so to say, but it hasn't. A shame. They opened concession stores, that's HMV/Xtravision combo in some counties. They should have one of these in all counties. Don't know who decides such things, but they'd better up there game as they will go under again.

Blu Ray

Best Blu-ray information website

When ever i need information on any blu-ray title that im looking to purchase it, its there, with Video and Audio reviews in detail. It never lets me down. I have nothing bad at all to say.


Superb Broadband

Without a doubt the best broadband provider in Ireland. I'm paying for 120mb speed and that's exactly what I'm getting. I deducted a star as there customer service could be better.


An Amazing Website

I've been a member at adverts since 2008, and have done over 30 transactions. Quite simply, whether you have an item to trade or swap, this site is the one of first choice, i only sell and buy movies myself, but they have just about anything you could want.


Appalling Service

I was in there Waterford, Ireland store this morning for my first time; I was buying Nikita on Blu-ray. First off there were only 3 persons in the queue in front of me and all were being served at the 3 tills. Within a few minutes the 3rd till was free and I approached the till, the staff member looked at me and then left the till and disappeared (if he was gone on a break or else, I should have been informed). But no I’m left standing there.

Why do your staff, decide to put away the discs and DVDs into slips and then into your store section all the while when a large queue builds and builds before serving the actual customer that was trading the DVDs in (this was at the second till), all other stores put these discs aside and store them later when not busy.

I stayed there as the 2nd till server served the customer, because of them storing away the discs; I was standing there 15 minutes (not an exaggeration). And finally that customer leaves, it’s my turn, but no it’s not he glances at me and then calls the customer behind me to him.

That was it I left the Blu-ray on the counter. I'm absolutely fuming, disgraceful behavior, this was my first and definitely last time in your store.

04 December 2013

Reply from CeX

Hi Alan,

Thank you for writing a review for us.

I can only apologise for your experience in store. I've taken your review and notified the store management, so see how we can avoid making this mistake. Waterford is a new CeX store, in a new area so it'll take a little bit of time to find our feet there!

Again, i'm sorry for the inconvenience caused, and thank you again for your feedback.

Kind regards,




Been ordering blurays from these guys for about 3 months now. Even though they have various websites, the deliveries come from Hong Kong. P+P is free, and these guys send it Priority Airmail. I always get the delivery within 5 working days to Ireland, superb. They also have an amazing selection, including all 3 region codes, and the prices are the cheapest i have seen ever.


Awful Prices

I stopped ordering online a long time ago, when i discovered they were the dearest of all for Blu-rays and DVDs. I use Zavvi, they show all there prices in Euros, makes it so much easier when buying, that i don't have to calculate pounds to euros each time. I visit there HMV store in Kilkenny every 3 months and easily pay a couple hundred each time, the pricing though in there stores is way off on some items:

I noticed at the time they were selling a final fifth season of a box-set for 70 euros, but you could buy seasons 1-5 collection for 50 euros.

Then i picked up a boxset for 45 euros, my mate asked me to hand him one, his exact same boxset was 24.99, i queried all this with staff and just got shruggs.

Customer service is the way to a great company, HMV does not have any, a real shame, they were great once.

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Fantastic Service

I've been ordering from Zavvi for years, excellent customer service and great prices. Always get my packages in 5-7 days and thats with their free basic delivery to Ireland. I am shocked to see so many bad reviews, but mines always been perfect. HMV is another story altogether.

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I'm a huge collector of blu-ray's, have well over a thousand in my collection, i spend several hundreds on these every month, mostly at Zavvi and WowHD. I buy the odd new release at my local Xtravision store. I worked in customer service for a number of years, and always prided myself at it, and made sure to always help people first and foremost.