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John Lewis

Please please please may I have my delivery, which I ordered 1.5 month ago?

I placed my order on John Lewis website and a few days later I received a call from their customer services asking me to confirm my card details to arrange a delivery. As I did not have the card with me, I rang back later that day and confirmed my card details. The customer service rep then tried to put the charge through again, without even telling me why he was taking my card details or asking my permission. The card was subsequently declined, and at that point I thought that there was a problem with my card. I rang my card provider, who advised me that the original authorisation was in fact approved and that John Lewis tried to bill my card twice for the same amount. I called back John Lewis only to find out that the original order had been cancelled, again without any warning or my agreement, and that they tried to place a new order. As the second order reached my credit limit, naturally it wasn't approved. I tried to explain the situation to the second representative I was speaking to, who was abrupt and simply tried to get me off the phone as quickly as possible. In the end, I agreed to wait for the refund of the original order, and call to make another payment once the credit shows on my account. When I asked if I should do it online or over the phone, I was told : 'do whatever you like'! Not to mention that throughout all of the conversations I had with their customer services I didn't get even one word of apology. A few days later I called John Lewis again, and another rep promised that I needn't call back and that John Lewis will try to re-bill my card in a week, which they did. In the end, I ended up with two debits and one credit for the same amount.

Today I received a call from John Lewis about my delivery, which was sent to a completely different city, which was their error! Once again, the rep asked me to confirm my card details, which I didn't have. He advised me that he requires the details to arrange a re-delivery. I then checked my email and found a message from John Lewis advising me that they could not obtain authorisation from my card! When I called the customer services back, I found out that my order was cancelled and a new one was placed without my approval (AGAIN). Unfortunately, the line manager I spoke with could not explain why the order was canceled and suggested I call back tomorrow to speak with the back office team to seek for my answers. At this point, I am feeling defeated and utterly disappointed with the appalling customer service and treatment that I have experienced.

To sum up my experience with John Lewis:
3 orders, 2 of which unauthorised and 3 cancellations without prior warning
Incompetent staff and sketchy customer services
Misposted order

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