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Wowcher Rips off Merchants TOO!

What can I say! I have been a past merchant on Wowcher. Let me tell you how it works and how screwed over these companies are that you think your getting such a great deal from!

I put an offer up once... The item only cost me £2 so I was to make £3 Profit for each item sold after Wowcher took their 35% Commission. I was poorly prepared for the offer to run, that I had been poached by their sales team from an offer I had ran on KGB. Now KGB pay out for ALL vouchers sold then retain say 30% in case of refunds that you receive 2 months later.

Having never ran a wowcher deal before I presumed it was the same. I sold over 300 items the first day and was given 500 voucher codes that I had to singularly input into the back end of my website. Then they extended the offer and I sold a further 700 items and was given 1500 codes to upload!

I was told to get payment I must provide proof of postage! So I dispatched the first 750 items (200 were KGB) and I sent the proof of postage... only to be told I needed the codes off the items! By back end system was set up to do that!

They agreed to pay out by finding addresses on the system which meant I was paid out for like 400 of the items (150 items less than I should have been!).. I then dispatched the following day a further 400 items that I swiftly sent proof of postage to wowcher for payment which I NEVER GOT!!! They should have paid me £6 per item, so in total owed me over £2000!!!!! They re-ran the offer that hit a 300 threshold, and would not extend it further however the faith had expired after chasing them consistently for the money! I had changed the back end of my website to store used voucher codes so had some to redeem, however I emailed wowcher to raise issues about non payment and explained that I had indeed not received the instructions that they needed the codes and that i did not have them!! They then paid out for the codes I said I did have but was yet to dispatch!

I had to then stop taking payments on my website and this resulting in my payment server shutting me down as I had done too many postage refunds.. this meant many refunds went unprocessed and I now have torrents of email abuse daily and thus have had to cease trading under that company as I have many angry customers as you can imagine!

It is not a case that the merchants you buy from wish to rip you off - we don't! Often we also face the same problems with Wowcher too! I simply cannot afford to send 550 items for FREE! Which is ultimately what I have done! I lost a lot of money on this deal and customers seem to think I have there cash and have done a runner, thats simply not the case! I wanted to use wowcher to push my business forward in a time of economic downturn, and increase my customer base. Instead it has led me to financial hardship and possibly eviction from my home too!


They take 30-40% of EVERY DEAL in Revenue - you work that out?

They then also try to find the same item from another company and do the same to them! So who is ripping us all off? Its certainly not the merchants!

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05 December 2012

Reply from wowcher.co.uk

Hi Kate,

We're really sorry you've had this experience – that's absolutely awful and we'd like to assure you that this is not the norm. The vast majority of our merchants are extremely happy with the custom they receive via Wowcher.

You have raised a number of issues that we are keen to discuss with you in some more detail. We have tried to contact you a number of times by telephone but unfortunately we’ve not been able to get hold of you. If you could please contact your original sales representative we'd be happy to sit down and sort this out with you so we reach a satisfactory resolution for everyone.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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