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Don't Forget To Buy Direct!

Amazon are great but many partners are not. Make sure your item is from Amazon direct and not from the often shoddy 'partner companies'.

I've been using them for over a decade and they seriously rock in all aspects but particularly customer service.


Godawful service-underhand T&C's-Best avoided

I bought a tap from them back in September. Immediately had problems with it but initially thought it was the plumbers fault and had him in to look at the connections. After I tried another plumber as it was still leaking, he showed me it was the tap itself that was the problem, not the connection to it.

So contacted TAPSUK who promised to 'quickly escalate' my return as the tap was leaking about 10 litres a day into a collection of buckets positioned under the basin. I asked under the circumstances could they send a replacement to be fitted and then could I send the faulty one back, since otherwise I'd be without a tap for potentially days and also have to play 2 plumber call outs to remove and fit it.

Nope, they would only do a return and then send another out. After a further gripe they said they would do a swap, so I would receive and new one once the courier had the old one but it may not come at the same time. So again potentially paying for a plumber to sit about waiting for an all day delivery slot as they couldn't give me a set time.

10 days after I lodged the claim I decided to buy another tap from elsewhere and cut my losses as the entire saga had cost me over £300. I had been bounced between 4 different 'customer service' reps and also told I'd be billed if I didn't complete and print their returns form. This was not in their T&C's (the bit about printing yourself) and only having a tablet computer and no printer and TAPSUK not providing any other solution to help (like just giving it to the courier when he collected as they had all the information) , I felt it was another slap in the face.

So crap service, crap product and suffice to say neither I or anyone I know will buy from them again. As others have said here, avoid like the plague and buy direct from Amazon who will bend over backwards to sort problems. I actually bought from a local shop knowing I could quickly sort out any further problems without the nightmare that ensued after they sold me a faulty tap that clearly had not passed quality control.

Never again. Ken Evans.

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