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I hate people who tell me lies

Good lens at a good price... too good.

This company took my money immediately. Eventually I received an e-mail saying my lens would be delivered within two business days. That was a joke.

Having heard nothing I contacted them to be told the lens was held in UK customs.

I checked with Aramex, the courier and they first of all told me they had NO RECORD of the consignment number. Checking their website shows that the lens has apparently been sitting in a warehouse in Hong Kong for two weeks and hasn't even been shipped.

I contacted ValueBasket again to be told that they would get back to me once they had checked with their "logistics department". Needless to say I heard nothing so I contacted them again and got the same brush off.

This morning I contacted them yet again and got absolutely no further other than...they will contact me when they have information from their logistics.

Somebody is telling me lies here and I don't like it.

Luckily, I paid using a credit card so if I don't hear anything by Monday I am going to initiate a claim to get my money back.

In the meantime, I've found the same lens, cheaper, and actually in stock in the UK at Digitalrev.

I won't be using Valuebasket again.

Ineptitude is one thing but I REALLY can't stand liars.

Just to add. They are not rude, they just don't care and will say anything to get rid of the customer.

UPDATE. More delaying tactics. More lies. I was in contact with their shipping agent and was informed that the item hasn't even been presented to them for shipment yet.

I have had to resort to claiming against my credit card company under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Final update:- My credit card company seemed to be aware of Valuebasket. I wonder why?

Anyway, rather than use the Consumer Credit Act, they just refunded the money to my account. BONUS :)

As of this morning, the lens still hasn't been received by the shipping agent Aramex, who now tell me that certain box shifters in HK just generate shipping details via the internet to get a consignment number but never actually ship anything.

Far be it from me to say that this has happened in my case but it does make you wonder.


In a further twist, although Valuebasket know exactly who I am and I have e-mails, and recorded phone calls to prove it, they forced TrustPilot to remove my review claiming that I wasn't a genuine customer and it took a copy of the original invoice to get the review re-instated.

Why would a company with nothing to hide resort to dirty tricks like that?

Oh, and, for the record, as of today's date (1st July) Aramex STILL haven't received the lens from valuebasket.

Thank heaven I paid by credit card and so was able to recover my money.

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These clowns deserve minus stars

When will retail firms with reputations to protect realize that this bunch of cowboys are destroying the customer confidence they've tired so hard to build up?

I can't ever remember having had a Yodel delivery without problems.

Why trust important shipments to women who want pin money whilst little Johhny is at school? I really don't want my delivery held at ransom to Johhny's snotty nose... but that's what happens.

Amazon, Ebuyer et. al. really ought to take note of the sheer weight of complaints against these cowboys before it is too late.


As you might guess, I've just has another delivery go "missing" thanks to Yodel.

Yet another tale of woe. Argos use Yodel to deliver and so far I've waited a week for this particular "next day delivery". Eventually Yodel admitted that they've "lost" the item, which just happens to be a rather attractive item of consumer electronics, but not before their driver has come out with blatant lies about attempting to deliver the item and leaving a card.

Unfortunately, I was in on the day in question, there was no card left and, curiously, the CCTV which covers the front of my property 24/7 showed no delivery person.

Then, because Yodel drivers are such morons, having been caught out in a lie the first time the idiot used the SAME EXCUSE for the next day as well.

Poor old Argos are now saddled with paying me compensation for two days worth of salary to cover the extra two days I sat at home wasting my time instead of being at work. show Yodel as the worst performing delivery company in the UK with over 70% of customers slating them.


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Totally happy to trade with Jagerstore again

I was nervous about purchasing on-line, having been ripped off before but in this case I needn't have been.

Joy and Simon run a very well managed, professional on-line retail outlet and, I might add, with the best prices I've seen.

A few delays were caused by the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA and the intransigence of UK customs but Jagerstore keep you informed. In fact, 10 out of 10 for communication. Always ready to answer questions, either by message system, on-line chat or telephone.

In summary, a retailer of INTEGRITY, for whom customer service is not just an empty promise, something which, sadly, seems to be increasingly rare on-line recently. Combined with a great product range and hard to beat prices.

NO - I don't work for them :)

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