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not much to choose from, mostly cheap mainstream brands; generally the collection has become poorer

better quality clothes from more interesting brands are difficult to find; return and refund procedure from the UK takes ages and communication is not there either (I sent an item back 2 weeks ago and there is still not a word). I first started shopping about 1 and half year ago and it was definitely a more interesting shop

Not quite hands on

Dear Chemical Team
we've been your customers for about 3 years thanks to your original selection and competative prices. Alas, you don't provide real info such as exact measurements, condition, quality of material (the answer was no because the call centre does not have access to the products), and I have sent a few items back due to wrong sizes or poor condition (e.g. mouldy jeans, ripped stitching on a dress). You can easily see how many items you received back from G Keene, N4 3DR. In case of inadequate quality, the postage was refunded but it was still repackaging and queuing in the post office. With wrong sizes, it is out of both pockets (just returned a pair of "Wiltshire" jeans that really fit 34 but sold as 32, and order a smaller pair).
You could look at the quality of brands that you offer: I returned some clothers because the materials and make were cheap (e.g. St Martins items differ a lot). Other items did not last for more than year (e.g. low life and element belts, many of your "funky" socks and underwear, can do more examples but need to look at the lables).

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