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Avoid if you want it delivered when you need it.

My feedback I left them: I'm disgusted with how you've treated me as a customer, I've spent over £200 on a bed frame and matress with you and chose my day of delivery and then only recieved half of what I ordered and paid for. It was my delivery day and my frame was ordered on time at around 10am, I was surprised to be told by the delivery man that the matress would be delivered seperately by someone else. I then spent the rest of the day waiting around, it came to approximately 6/7pm and I began to worry about where my matress was as I know delivery stopped at 8. I spoke to a lady on your customer service line, only to be told that my matress had been sent to the wrong delivery depot and it wasn't coming at all that day and that they were going to send it to the right one and it would be delivered to me the next day. I asked if I would get some part of a partial refund and their answer was no. I was told I would get a call from a different customer service advisor the next day who would give me a tracking number etc so I could see where my delivery was. So that night, having got rid of my old bed, expecting my new one to be fully delivered on the day I requested, I spent the night sleeping on the floor and had to book another day off work to wait for my delivery. The guy called from customer services at about 9.30 and gave me the information I was told I would recieve. I went on the tracking website and entered my code and postcode, the website was useless, all it told me was that it had been dispatched that morning and didn't tell me when it would approximately arrive or anything a customer would need to know. At half 4 on the same day, I rang the number your customer service member gave me and there was no reply. So once again I rang up your customer service team for them to tell me I wouldn't be recieving my delivery today either! They told me to ring up the next day and they'd be able to give me an approximate time for delivery. So now I'll have to sleep on the floor again, take yet another day off work unpaid for your companys mistakes! Yet I get no compensation or partial refund for the work days you've made me miss, all I get is stupid appologies I don't need! I'm ok sleeping on the floor but imagine if I was a 90 year old pensioner and you'd left without a bed to sleep on? Or a single parent that can't afford to take several days off work waiting around for you to deliver something 2 days late? How would you compensate them? With a heartless appology? I'm disgusted. Another thing that I find hard to believe is that you failed to let your customer know that their product was delayed and that you had to wait for the customer to call you to find out for themselves! Twice! You have appalling customer service and delivery, I will not be recomending you to anyone, in fact I will do the opposite. P.s. Still waiting on my matress.

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05 December 2012

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Dear Vicky Hodgson

Thank you for your feedback, I apologize as the mattress has not been delivered on the date specified and the matter has not been resolved.

Please give me an oppurtunity to look into your order and to contact you to discuss and resolve this matter for you.

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

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