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UK Mail

Absolutely THE BEST courier!!!!

I suspect that the low rating for ukmail on here must largely be down to their industry opponents... That and an incredibly thick set of disgruntled mail recipients with ridiculous expectations.

Just to set a couple of things straight- almost all parcels by all couriers are delivered during the day, it's not their fault if you can't be at your address and don't leave details of an alternative place to leave the parcel. Also, they all charge extra for delivery pre-12pm, so your budget phone delivery isn't likely to arrive before 12pm.

And I think it's very good of them to try to give you a 4-hour window for delivery, who else does that and manages to stick to it? And is it such a catastrophe if they come early?! Surely that would be good news.... anyway...

I have sent a large number of sensitive and bulky parcels with them through the ipostparcels website and have never had a problem, which is an incredible improvement on the horrific standard of service offered by Hermes and City Link, those being the couriers I had regrettably used previously and had almost been bankrupted by!!

Out of no less than 80 parcels with ukmail only one has been damaged, a wooden table which I didn't pack at all properly, and this was rather surprisingly reimbursed through the insurance. No other parcels have been lost, broken, late or experienced any mishandling whatsoever.

I regularly send 4-6 antique sewing machines a week and have actually stopped packing the boxes out with padding as it just isn't necessary!

On the other hand, Hermes managed to damage 1/3 of the parcels I sent with them and none were reimbursed through the insurance. City Link actually managed to break more than 50% of the 60 or so parcels I sent with them, unfathomable breakages of solid sturdy items even when double packed, and of course not a single one was reimbursed through the insurance.

Ukmail are cheapest, quickest, most careful, least fussy, have the easiest booking procedure and overall best service record of any courier I have ever used.

Honestly I would take the negative comments on here with a large pinch of salt, unless you are as selfishly unrealistic as most of the reviewers on here :)



Nothing you send is actually insured no matter how much you paid, SO MANY BREAKAGES I have lost over half my income for 2013 so far with their services and not even the postage costs were returned.

Pretty much bankrupted me, do not touch!!!!

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Totally unacceptable breakages :(

What one earth do these drivers have to do to break a a cast iron sewing machine, encased in polystyrene in a sturdy box? Twice?!?!

I'm extremely fearful for the 1906 gramophone currently en route to Scotland....

DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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