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Awful service

I had two delivery cards which i picked up on the same day (must have missed the one delivered on the first day). To my surprise, the second card stated that 3 delivery attempts had been made, even though I had only had two cards. I logged onto the website, and it said two delivery attempts had been made on the same day - one at 12:00pm, one at 12:34pm - absolute joke! The annoying thing is that Yodel state if you don't answer the door they will leave the parcel in a safe place, and the door to my front porch is always left open for this purpose. I tried contacting the driver, no answer and no answering service to leave a message. Tried speaking to an adviser through 'chat' on the website, no advisers available. Tried ringing their helpline number, got through to an automated system and eventually got to a point where it stated that my house number and parcel number didn't match up, and I couldn't go any further. I eventually tried the driver again, numerous times, and eventually got through. Having explained the situation to him, he said he had tried to deliver three times and 'couldn't explain' why I only had two cards, and why the website states that he made two delivery attempts 4 minutes apart. The funny thing was he then tried to insist he'd tried to deliver on the Saturday before...when I had been at home all day. When I asked him for exact times and dates of all deliveries, he said he kept no record and 'as it was so long ago' (it was last week) he couldn't remember. When I asked him to deliver a third time (I am at work all week and away on the weekend, I can't pick up from the depo) he said he couldn't, and when I asked who I could speak to to take this further he couldn't help me. Absolute waste of time and appalling service. Does anyone know how to make an official complaint to the company itself? I can't see any information on their website (no surprises there) and have tried searching online. I am also going to make a complaint to the company I ordered from and inform them that if they continue to use Yodel I won't be ordering from them again

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