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Pushy Liars

I went to the car shop at Swindon in November with the intentions of Trading in my nearly new Zafira for a nearly new Focus. I was met with a friendly manager who took some details and then introduced me to my salesman Mark. Anyway after i told them what i wanted he drove a couple of Focuses out for me to look at. I said i wanted to look round and choose but no.... they drive cars out to you. Anyway the first car i looked at looked ok , low miles nice colour ,test drive was ok. Got back to the show room and had a really good look over the car.( i know a bit about cars). This is when i noticed the rear quarter panel paint looked wrong you only could see this at certain angles. There was dust specks in the lacquer. It looked like it had been resprayed so i look closer and run my hands over the rear wheel arch where the paint just pealed away revealing rust.... a lot of rust. Rust on a 3 year old car!!!. I pointed this out to Mark who just shrugged his shoulders and said that's modern paint for you?!!!!!!!. Now i am suspicious of what they are trying to sell me.
So i start to look at the other Focus. This one had slightly higher miles but looked ok at a quick glance. Again this one had been resprayed as there was over spray on the window rubbers and had a big fag burn on the drivers seat. Also parts of the interior was broken.
I turned round to Mark and said what crap are you trying to sell me?.
So off he went to speak to the manager . He comes back and said we have another Focus out the back i will bring it down to show you. This one had very low miles one owner (ex motability) and looked absolutely mint. Test drive was good the only problem was the interior light would not turn off which did concern me as i knew it was a problem with either the timer module or door lock or wiring which can be quite expensive to fix. He assured me that this would be fixed before i took delivery. Fair enough i said.They wanted to look at my car to offer a part ex price which they did. I know my car is in good condition and Dealer serviced. The price they offered me was rubbish i said i was not interested. So now comes the pressure selling.....
They will increased the part ex price if i do the deal now. Ok the price now seems fair and shook on it. Salesman goes of to get the paper work, he comes back after 10 or so minutes and says we fixed the interior light on the focus it was just the bulb was loose. Thats good i thought.
So now comes the sales patter.
The finance deal they offered was a joke even when i said i have the cash they were still pushing for there expensive finance. Not interested i said as i have the cash. Still pushing for the finance when i said i will walk out in a minute so he backed off.
Now sir it only comes with one key. That's no good i need two keys. Well it only comes with one was the reply. Look i said i know that Fords come with three keys new and are anywhere between £100 to £250 to replace at a main dealer. By this time i lost all interest in this sale. Told him i.m leaving ,he started getting nasty at this point and said why just because of a key?. I said no its because your attitude towards me. He asked me to wait while he talks to the manager.
I decided then to look at the car again and check out the interior light only to find all they had done was remove the bulb.Liars i thought. Now the salesman and manager come over to talk. The manager then says we will get you your spare key thats not a problem. I asked again if the interior light was fixed? The manager replied yes that is sorted. Liar all you have done is taken the bulb out. If you can lie about that then as far as i am concerned everything else is a just a lie for me to part with my money. I then left.
After reading some of the other reviews on here i think i made a lucky escape as they will say anything and not deliver just to get your deposit. Nothing was ever written down on paper it was all verbal promises which i now know they will deny later just to get your money.
I am not an awkward customer by no means. I just had a bad feeling about this place and felt i was being ripped off.

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