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Cult Pens

Excellent range, fast delivery, but beware...

I've spent a fair amount of money at Cult Pens. The things have always arrived well packed and quickly with the occasional freebie thrown in.
So why only 3 stars?
I bought a Pilot Bamboo fountain pen from them a few years ago, one of several quite expensive pens. Before too long the top of the pen showed signs of cracking around the clip. I phoned Cult Pens, the chap I spoke too couldn't have been more dismissive. Told me to contact Pilot, he couldn't get me off the phone quickly enough.
Pilot pens were extremely unhelpful: saying they'd get someone to call me etc. Eventually said that if I sent it to them, they would send it to Japan for them to look at it.
Told this to the manager of Stationery World on Park Street in Bristol. He offered to sort it out with Pilot himself. Said Cult Pens would have a lot of clout with Pilot and they could easily have helped, especially as they had sold me the pen.
Stationery World sorted it out, pen returned in fine fettle with no charge, though Pilot tried to charge. Stationery World told them neither they nor I would pay.
Top marks Stationery World.
I'd love to know what Cult Pens thinks of this, but haven't asked. I still use Cult Pens, but I'm wary now. I wish I knew what they think of this. Perhaps they'll contact me, or perhaps they don't care that much.
Andy's Pens is good if you're a bit of an addict by the way.
I have no connection with any of the firms concerned other than as a customer

Update. Spoke to Cult Pens about their reply to let them know that I had in fact got back to them again while trying to get a response from Pilot, but was told there was nothing they could do.
Chap I spoke to today apologised and said that this kind of response would not be given to a customer again. I really hope this is true. Please post your experience of any problems.

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06 December 2012

Reply from The SQL Workshop Ltd T/A Cult Pens

Dear Andrew,

Sorry to hear you were unhappy with how we dealt with this problem. We certainly shouldn't have come across as dismissive, and we're very sorry that this was your experience.

The Pilot Bamboo is a discontinued product, so we have no stock of them, and we are unable to carry out repairs ourselves. If returned to us, we would have to send it on to Pilot for repair, and return it when it was returned to us. We have found from previous customer feedback that the best way of arranging such a repair is to return the pen directly to the manufacturer, in this case Pilot, as this should be the quickest way to sort out a warranty problem. However we do aim to support every customer to ensure the repair process is as smooth and effective as possible. I apologise that this was not the message you received.

Things seem to have been made worse when you found this was not easy and you needed support, I regret that you did not feel able to call us for help. Pilot's fountain pens are under a lifetime warranty, so there shouldn't have been any problem with getting the pen repaired without charge.

We would also have liked to know much earlier that you hadn't been happy with the help we'd given. We do pride ourselves on giving good customer service, so it's especially important to us to know when someone doesn't feel we've provided that.

We're glad your pen has been sorted out successfully in the end, and thank you for your continuing custom. Please do let us know if you're ever unhappy with our service in future - we do care and it is very important to us.

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