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Blatantly ignoring customer's interests

I usually don't bother to write reviews, but my experience with mx5parts was really annoying. I emailed the company because I wanted to check that my credit card payment was alright, I also asked to add an item to my order (I wanted to avoid placing a new order and paying another round of shipping). But they simply said that payment went through, and totally ignored my order amendment.

When the shipment arrived at customs, I realised that mx5parts put the wrong value on the shipment. I was forced to pay hefty import taxes. My country waives import taxes on parcels below a certain value, and I had chosen items so that the parcel would be below the limit. But mx5parts put the wrong value on the parcel and I ended up paying import taxes and surcharges from the delivery company.

Horrible experience.


False tracking information

Opted for Amazon one-day delivery on 3Dec.
On 4Dec, HDNL claimed there was an attempted delivery and that a card was left. Someone was home the entire day, but no one rang the bell, the mailbox was empty, and there was no card.
On 6Dec, HDNL claimed the parcel was delivered. But there was nothing, no doorbell, empty mailbox.

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