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Share If anyone is thinking of using Sun Car for their carhire I would warn them not to.

When I made my booking I was surprised that I had to pay the full amount up-front, as, in my experience this is not usually the case. Six days before the hire period was due to start I had cause to cancel my booking. The website states that cancellations more than 24 hours before commencement will receive a full refund. Their terms & conditions state that this will happen within 30 working days. Their website says that they are a 24/7 company. I cancelled on 21 July and it is now 3 September. I am still waiting for my money. You do the maths. We are talking about more than £500. Some of my emails to them are ignored. Not one email to their complaints department has been responded to (not even an acknowledgement). When I get a reply all I get are excuses and promises that are not kept.

I have submitted a "customer testimonial" to their website but I bet they don't use it.

I repeat do NOT use SUN CAR.CO.UK.


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