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The Trade Centre Wales

It will end in tears

I purchased a Audi A6 from there on 16/10/12 and took it back the same day as there was blue smoke coming from the exhaust and a brake warning light came up on the dashboard. The TCW mechanic came out and said that the smoke from the exhaust was normal for this type of engine, and because I turned the ignition off the warning light on the dashboard had cleared so without looking into it the mechanic said it was fine so I took his word for all the things he said as I'm not mechanically minded.

On day 2 whilst driving the brake warning light came on again so I took the car back down to TCW where they just changed the bulb and said it was sorted.

On the 25/10/12 the brake warning light appeared on the dashboard followed shortly after by a engine management light. I took the car back to TCW the following day, and 6 weeks later it is still there with no sign of having it back.

I they're defence they did give me a courtesy car, but that only last 2 weeks cause it had a collapsed wheel bearing so now I have a different one. I've tried asking if they would replace the car i purchased as I have no faith in it but they're refusing to do it.

If you have loads of money and don't mind loosing it or throwing it away then I would highly recommend this place, if not then id certainly look else where. I'm really hoping TCW will see this so feel free to email me with your poor excuses

I hope this has been a useful review for other potential buyers

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