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Streaming was tempting.

I wanted to move from my local rental shop to an online service and the obvious choice was Lovefilm as anywhere I turned I could hear about them. To my surprise, many titles I wanted to watch were unavailable as well as some World Cinema and Indie titles I like to watch also were on long wait. In the streaming section there was nothing that interests me but I decided to watch only one film to get a feeling of streaming service. The good thing about this is that if you find something that interests you and you are willing to spend about couple of hours of your time then the streaming is the way to go because you do not have to wait for films to arrive. However you must have good Internet connection and watch the films during the times when their service is not that busy. Otherwise you will see buffering thingy all the time. Anyway, I believe that steaming is a long way to go and I will stick with Blu-Ray as on my Samsung TV the picture quality cannot be beaten even though I have to wait a couple of days to get it. If I am spending my two hours then I want to spend them with quality. So I tried Blockbuster and have ended up with Check my reviews on both of these companies.


Good holiwood collection but that is all

I tried Lovefilm and decided to try Blockbuster who sends new releases quickly, but if you also like to watch World Cinema and Indie films then they will struggle and you will end up waiting for ages. I also found their envelopes are really confusing to use and, the paper cases the discs are delivered in, scratch the discs which makes them unplayable in many occasions. This for me is very annoying especially if you start watching the film and half way through you get problem. I am currently using which so far were doing great. So check out my review on them.

Cinema Paradiso

Best customer servcice ever

I am one of those people who support small independent businesses and do not like using big companies such as Lovefilm, Amazon, Netflix and Blocbuster purely because they mostly concentrate on providing the Hollywood content. So in my search I came across to Cinema Paradiso, who appears to be concentrating more on World Cinema but including also popular mainstream titles. I signed up to test their claim of 70,000 titles by adding some odd films to my list. On my 3 at the time level, the first 3 titles were my top 3 choices. They could not do this better than this. Their website is well designed and easy to use. I am very pleased. Cinema Paradiso, please keep up the good work. 5/5

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