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Hermes Europe

Do they even knock first?

I ordered a PS3 from a seller on ebay, and unfortunately he used Hermes to send it to me. After about a week of watching it go from place to place on the tracker, it finally went out for delivery. I was in all day waiting for it, but popped upstairs at one point in the afternoon. When I came back down ten minutes later I was greeted with an attempted delivery card. We have a very loud knocker (so loud that I can even hear it in the back garden normally) and a dog that barks at it, so it came as a surprise. There's no way they could have attempted to knock without me (and all the neighbours!) knowing about it. Upon further inspection the driver had scrawled "left round back" on the other side of the card, and I hurriedly went to go look. Our back gate is always locked, and it turns out he had thrown a £200 games console over my 6 foot fence into my flower bed, exposed to the snow.

Thankfully, despite the box being a bit beat up nothing was broken, and I got it inside just as the snow was starting to pile up. If I hadn't have noticed in time it could have been out there until it thawed! Hermes should probably retrain their drivers. Clearly someone's been spending too much time practising their slam dunks and has forgotten how front doors work.


No complaints here! :)

I was a bit wary when I read all he negative reviews here, but since I'd already placed my order I crossed my fingers and waited for confirmation that it was going to be delivered. About a day after I placed the order I got another email saying it was being dispatched, and my new phone arrived the next day delivered by parcelforce. Needless to say I was pretty relieved. The horror stories here made me believe I was going to get an old broken brick or something! Nope; brand new, packaged well, absolutely nothing wrong.

It may be that I got lucky and other people have had genuine problems, and since I didn't need to contact customer service in any way I have no idea what their phone lines are actually like, but my overall experience was smooth and professional. I suppose the only thing that was "wrong" was that the emails took a little time to come through, though I have no idea if that has anything to do with their servers or my email provider. Either way, I'd probably buy from them again! :)


Horrible service, don't recommend.

Initially I'd been quite excited and pleased with Funky Pigeon. I ordered two personalised cards for my mum's birthday, one that simply had a name added and another that had a photograph. I'd previously used other customised card services like Moonpig with good results, and I'd assumed that everything would run as smoothly as before. The text card arrived a day before my mum's birthday, but I wasn't all that concerned about the other one being late, as I'd given plenty of time and it seemed as though it would arrive on the day. Sure enough, another card arrived in the mail the next morning, but this time there was a nasty surprise- a complete duplicate of the same card with absolutely no hint that the card I'd actually ordered was coming. The photo card was the one that we were most looking forward to, as it was supposed to be from my three year old brother to his mother, complete with a picture of both of them together. He's extremely upset that the card he'd picked out was not coming and he had nothing to give his mummy for her birthday. Completely disgraceful service, even if a replacement is sent out it will be far too late and the damage is already done. I don't plan on ever buying from them again, and unless you want to take a gamble I don't recommend you do either.

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