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The Utility Warehouse


Problems with Broadband connection was sorted with a sympathetic ear from the technician.
However, how much will 50 minutes cost me?

Kitchen Door Workshop

Deliveries and procedures wrong, damages, then fight for refund. Never again!

I know Robert will have good answers for all my issues but I feel I have to tell it as it was from a customer.
For starters, the delivery date shown on the website is not possible and gives a false impression. Some items arrived individually, which caused confusion as we thought the items came as a complete order and we had to accept them unsigned for.
The bulk of the order arrived unexpectedly a day early and all the heavy packages were crammed into our porch whilst the longer ones left on our drive. There was no inspection, signature or prior warning for over £1600 worth of goods! Being a disabled pensioner, I had to unpack the goods and move the panels one by one just to get to my door.
Some panels and doors were damaged. All the panels had wood-grain in the wrong direction and I was blamed for wrong information given. However, I proved that the list sent clearly stated width and height required. I was offered new panels, which would take another 2 weeks, but I declined these because my kitchen fitter wanted to order slightly different sizes. The kitchen fitter was laid off indefinitely.
I was told that this was a 'bespoke order' and would have to pay the extra for all new panels? I disputed this as, how can this be a 'bespoke order' when the company had to ORDER new panels after getting things wrong? My newer panels cost far more than the original panels and yet I was only offered 50% refund of the original wrong panel costs.
I received 100% refund after many disagreeable contacts with Robert.
Conclusion: keep details of all information supplied to the company for proof of order otherwise, the blame will always be yours!
My wife and I found the whole event very stressful and feel it could all have been avoided with a little more care with my order.

17 May 2013

Reply from Kitchen Door Workshop Limited

Dear Mr Sumpter - I would like to apologize for any issues that you had with your order.

I am sorry that a small number of end panels were supplied with the grain running the wrong direction. Unfortunately we did not notice that you had written some of the items height / width, and others width / height - we should have spotted and corrected this - however we did not notice this, and this is what resulted in the grain being the wrong way round on these items.

Looking at the quotation that we sent you (which showed the height/ width of each item), we initially believed that you had been supplied with the correct items.
It took a little while for us to investigate exactly what had caused these items to be supplied with the grain going the wrong way, hence why we initially offered to immediately replace the incorrect items 'like for like' or offer you a 50% discount off the cost of the other sized panels that you wanted. On reflection I think that we could have handled this situation differently and I am sorry that we didn't.

I make no excuse for your order being delivered a day early, however I do stand by the dispatch date shown on our website being realistic. Furthermore this is supported by the hundreds of customer reviews which support on-time delivery.

I believe that our team and suppliers responded promptly to replace any damaged and additional items that you ordered. However, these items had to be made to order from scratch, and I regret that because of this, these items simply could not be delivered whilst your fitter was fitting the rest of your order.

I am sincerely sorry for any upset that we may have caused you Mr Sumpter, I can assure you this was never our intention.



Impresive service and even more imressive delivery service!

My laptop purchase was the best on offer and as the past reviews were good, I ordered with free delivery (estimated 5 days).
I ordered on Saturday, had it confirmed Sunday, dispatched Monday and received Tuesday. What was more impressive was the courier service as I was text on the Tuesday to say the arrival time (within an hour) and even had the couriers christian name.
I hope other companies read this and take note!
Many thanks.

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