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Worst online shopping experience as a whole I've ever had

I purchased an item two weeks ago that I still haven't received. I received an email stating the item shipped with a tracking number that never was accurate. My first call to their customer service did not answer any of my questions but I was told the item would be shipping soon. The operator was very hard to understand and I had to have him repeat himself multiple times. My second call still did not help either. The operator was absolutely impossible to understand and honestly seemed perturbed I had called. I also was lied to and told the item would be delivered within the day. When I asked the operator to please slow down and repeat herself I think she actually talked faster and was more impossible to understand. I emailed their online customer service dept. about my experience and received a form letter response that still has a non working tracking number. The note did say I should receive my item tomorrow.
I am actually extensively trained in the customer service field and this experience is a great example of how not to do it. Maybe I'll receive my item tomorrow and this terrible experience will be over.

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