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Horrible experience- will never go back to expedia

Expedia is good as long as you dont make any changes to your reservation again. I made an international booking thru expedia for $3000. I did it for my friend whose mom was ill and I thought booking thru expedia would be a quick option. That was my biggest mistake. My firend did travel but he was not able to travel back as per the original reservation. I called expedia to make a change to the reservation. We did change it to a new date and they mentioned that additional charges woudl be $400 and I requested them to charge my card for the same.. I thought I was done with that.

But my friend called me after a week and said that as he checked with malaysian airlines to confirm the return journey and seems they menitoned that the reservation is not confirmed yet. So i called expedia to re-confirm and they mentioned that they were not able to charge the addn cost for some reason. The suspected that the credit card that they charged on did not go thru.

So I gave a new card and then it was all set. After my firend flew back and later after couple weeks when I checked my card, i was surprised to see that the total charges made my malaysian airlines was $4144.53. Almost $600-700 was additionaly charged on my card.

So I started calling customer support and that was another nightmare. Until now i must have spoken to 5-6 support people. They say that they dont see any of the charges due to the reservation changes in their end and looks like they have to work with back office to get that info. It was so ridiculous to hear that they dont have details for the charges they chages. They raised a case id and they informed that they would contact within 3-4 business. But never they did.
They were not able to produce me till now the details of the charges that they charged my card. They now want me to contact malaysian airlines since my credit card is being charged by them. But malaysian airlines wants me to work with only the agent who made the reservation and changes as they were the responsible party.

I am not sure where I am headed rightnow. It been almost 1.5 months. I am thinking of disputing my credit card charges. But fnever I would go with expedia for any travel again.
If expedia wants me to work with airlines directly to resolve these issues, then why would I go thru them in the first place. Also customer support is horrible. Bluntly they did hang up me. Also its fully outsourced. No one clearly understands what they are talking about. Customer support is provided in india, malaysia or china I guess.
Everytime I call after business hrs in US, someone from either countries respond
and no one has any idea about the issue and they just simply dont care that they have looted and charged my card.

Btw my expedia itenerary no is #151350156810 and till now ever since I made the reservation, i am unable to view my itenerary online. Ultimately i thought I could help my friend. But I regret I must have made better choice. Should have dealt with sirlines directly. Expedia is a crap.

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