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I'm only giving them one star because this site says you have to.

Worst delivery company EVER. I have never dealt with a more useless bunch of people. Ordered something on next day delivery 2 weeks ago and still haven't received it I am also waiting for another delivery through them that has taken more than 2 weeks to deliver, courier has given many excuses as to why they haven't been delivered and customer services were both rude and uninterested. Both senders have now cancelled my order with Hermes and sent through another courier. From now on I will check if a seller uses this company and won't buy from them if they do.


Best of all the cheap online clothing stores

Absolutely brilliant. Better than all the other online cheap clothing stores. Very very fast delivery and great quality for the price. They know how to treat their customers. Very impressed.


Don't use this company EVER!

On the morning of the 4th of September I placed an order with a reputable company online. Everything fine. Got an email and text from DPD at 15.17 pm to tell me they had my delivery and I would receive it the next day 5th September. There was a link in the email to track the parcel from the morning of the 5th and I was told I would be given a one hour delivery slot. Again I thought what a great company.
So I took a day off of work to wait for them as the parcel was important.
The morning of the 5th of September came, so I clicked on the link to track my parcel, but it just kept saying "we are waiting to receive your parcel from the sender", but they had sent me an email and text the day before saying the parcel was on it's way. So I thought I would give them a phone. Next big challenge was finding a contact number for them. Which is very hard. Then I found a few numbers which where all automated, so didn't get anywhere. Then I got a couple of numbers for them from an internet forum. The first one there was no answer and a voice said the person couldn't take the call and then there was an engaged tone, next number I tried didn't had been disconnected, finally I got a number that worked and sat in a queue waiting for someone to speak to. Shouldn't have wasted my time. The girl Amy that answered the phone was clearly having a bad day or something and was incredibly rude. She was also reading from a script or had been told exactly what to say to certain queries as although what she was saying was of no help she kept repeating it over and over again without allowing me to properly explain my position. She also told me that they hadn't received my parcel until after 5 pm which meant it wasn't available for next day delivery. When I told her that couldn't be true as DPD had sent me an email and text at 15.17 pm saying they had the parcel and it would be delivered on the 5 th she reverted back to repeating her speech from earlier over and over again. She also tried to blame the sender and told me if the sender had a problem with DPD to give her a phone. Lovely. So I called the sender, who told me that DPD had collected it early afternoon on the 4th, which was right as DPD had sent the email and text saying that. The sender then tried to get some answers from DPD, but also with no luck. Got back on the phone to DPD who again insisted they didn't receive the parcel until 17.01 pm (very convenient) and as it was one minute past the cut off time they wouldn't be delivering it. I offered to forward the email and text they had sent me at 15.17 pm, but they said don't bother as they don't have an email for that and no one would probably see it if I just sent it back as a reply. They said they couldn't explain why they had sent the email and text at 15.17 pm. Again they tried to blame the sender and then said actually we could have lost it, so you might not get it at all. They also told me their tracking might just not have been updated (?). I was also told nothing they could do, simple as that, tough luck basically. I asked if I could complain and was told to fill in a form on the website or get the sender to phone them, which the sender had already tried to do.
This morning I received a text and email to say that my parcel will be here today, but I won't hold my breath as I've been here already.

06 September 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Christina,

I'm really sorry to hear that you encountered these issues with your delivery. I see that the parcel was delivered this morning - was everything okay? If you wish to speak to a customer service agent about your experience, please email with your phone number and they'll call you at your convenience.

Kind regards,


Very good

A brilliant site. I have been ordering off of here for about 2 years and the stuff's all been good quality and only once did I have to send something back and customer service was great, easy to deal with and sent me a return label free of charge. Also I have seen a lot of the stuff on here for £5 in the high street stores for a lot more including a dress at £40, a pair of boots in a half price sale for £25 and a top in a half price sale for £16 and got them all on here for a fiver each. And they always have competitions. I won a handbag a while ago and just now they are giving someone £100 to spend on the site.



Avoid yodel at all costs. I have never had any good experiences with this company. Was supposed to receive a parcel yesterday. Didn't come checked the tracking number it said someone tried to deliver and no one was in and they left a card. All lies, I was in all day and there was no card left I also had deliveries from more reliable companies around the same time yodel supposedly were here, managed to get all the other deliveries. Called them today, all blaming each other, gave me delivery drivers mobile number. I called him and he also tried to blame someone else, says he will re-deliver today. I won't hold my breath. For anyone trying to find a number for them you will get them on 0800 1577777 or 0871 977 0800

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