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UK Mail

They told me when they'd deliver, didn't ask. Rude.

Dell sent me a 'no reply accepted' email to say the PC would be delivered by courier in next week or so. Next day 11/02/13 the courier sent me their first contact, a 'no reply accepted' email "Your Dell Order is scheduled to arrive between 08:00 and 18:00 on the 13/02/2014. Please arrange for someone to be there throughout this time - as we cannot be more specific about the time of delivery. As your order is already on its way we regret it's too late to change the following details:

1. delivery date
2. delivery address
3. order details"

I tracked down someone at Dell to complain at this attitude and to say that I'd have someone available 9-5:30 but it would have been nice to have proper contact with the courier not this ultimatum. And that roads around here are badly flooded so it'd be an idea for them to ring us anyway to discuss access.
The delivery was fine, but this sort of attitude suggests a lack of customer care.


Fast to get good quotes to me, courier was excellent too

Mine was a bulky ebay purchase, a land rover truck cab. I emailed several couriers who advertise on ebay, but for this sort of item which was not in a neat box, and was over 1.5m long and weighed about 30kgs ... well 2 out of 8 replied, quoting £140 and £145 ! I then tried Shiply and another courier wholesaler. By the time the other one had got the first quote to me Shiply had sent 6! The first one was £48 total, I took it, slightly worried I might get poor service. Far from it, the courier Liam uses an iPad on 3G so can (and does) respond to emails regularly, from anywhere. His communication was exemplary, and he was very pleasant for both seller & me to deal with. I will use him for future quotes, failing which I will again use Shiply ... unless its a small package. Well, I'm collecting a jukebox from Essex back to Somerset & for that sort of delicate thing I did decide to do it myself, perhaps wrongly.

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