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Fast sales support & delivery

I got a fast response to contacting the customer services about a non-standard query, which I was pleasantly surprised at. Delivery was fast and undamaged, and communication was excellent so my overall experience was very good.


Efficient delivery in my experience

As with most couriers, they ultimately come down to how good or how honest the driver is. My experience with DPD has been very good, being serviced by both Milton Keynes and Peterborough depots on a few occasions with no issues. I like the email and text confirmation days in advance with the option to choose a different date or opt to leave with a neighbor and also a texted/emailed time slot for delivery on the day or day before. Having just had one at exactly 13:14 for my 13:14 to 14:14 time slot, I am impressed. Plus the driver was friendly and liked my t-shirt.


A good points system, but can be slow

The site works fine for me, but some etailers either don't honor the transaction or are amazingly slow to redeem the points for you. Chasing them up is nigh on impossible. I tend to utilise sites that automatically link in your nectar account, which helps alot. I have accrued plenty of points over the years and like that they can be cashed in directly or as Amazon vouchers. Good stuff.

Nectar has dropped Amazon affiliation, which is a big negative for me. I have definitely used the system less since this has happened.


One of the better online supermarkets, but still with some niggles

I use Sainsburys all the time as I really don't want to spend an hour in the store and then drive it all home. The service itself works well, but my issues are to do with the product picking. Unsurprisingly, many of the fresh items are 'close' to the use by date which is technically fine, however it can be a bit annoying when something goes out fo date a couple of days after you buy it, regardless of its expected shelf life. Also, I have had a few occasions when items or indeed a whole bags items were forgotten or left in the truck but paid for. But these are rare events. I was once given a dead potted basil plant and only noticed the day after delivery so not much i could do there. Advice to Sainsburys, be more picky with the picking if you want to retain loyalty :)


Very good site, although cashback can be slow

The site itself is very good and the rate of cashback can be very good indeed. My only gripes are that some companies don't honour the cashback and claiming for it doesn't always work; it can take many weeks to get the cashback and sometimes, depending on your browser, you may need to fully clear the cache and cookies to register the transaction. Other than that, topwebsite.


Top notch dev training

I've been subscribing to Pluralsight for a few months in order to shift careers and the quality and wealth of info is outstanding. The online lectures are clear and concise and have yielded many 'Ahhhh I see' moments. I haven't used any of the exercise material yet, but the site has not let me down in terms of up-time either.


Fast, friendly and well packaged.

Although the tea is sold at a premium rate, an online voucher made these guys ideal for xmas presents. I received my order very quickly and the items were very well packaged, much better in fact than an order placed for some very high value electrical items. The product is amazing as well, the peppermint and chamomile are just great - and I don't even like chamomile tea! I bought a tub of macha green for my step mum who is recovering from two major surgeries and she feels great!


The original etailer and still the best

Amazon have done the e-commerce thing very well for many years. I use them constantly and as a company they perform brilliantly and efficiently. I think any issues arise from localised problems with certain couriers and possibly their more recent third party shop front services which add a slight chance element to the shopping experience. I prefer to complete my transactions with Amazon directly even if a third party is selling the item for a bit cheaper as you get a better delivery and returns policy, or at least a much clearer one. Blasting a company for it's use of certain couriers does not take into account the full customer service process, so I have no issue recommending this company.


Poor packing, poor handling, mixed customer service

Ordered several items in early November, arrived in terrible condition, not just the courier's fault (Yodel, who are also poor in my experience) - poor initial packing was primarily to blame. Items faulty so immediately demanded a re-order, which due to another error was late. One customer service agent lied to me about it's location to get me off the phone. Also arrived in terrible if not worse condition, same packing problems, different courier (Tuffnells this time - avoid like the plague).

Even after almost a month I was today sent a letter demanding an account payment on the re-order, even though I had already paid, it turns out that they refunded the returned items without telling me and I now have to re-pay. Dabs saving grace was the customer service agent who eventually got all this sorted and issued a fast re-order, the rest of the transaction was bad.

I do not recommend this company for fragile items, or anything actually. I have ordered via Scan and their deliveries are very well packaged and come via a courier (DPD) who gave me an hour window for delivery.

Obviously people like myself are only compelled to review like this when there are issues and stressors, however looking at the overall score for this company seems to be quite telling.

As a goodwill gesture DABS gave me a £20 voucher, so I thought I would use it to buy some low value items. Amusingly the voucher doesn't cover the delivery cost, and unsurprisingly the order took around 12 days to arrive, including a non-commicated delay for an out of stock item. Seriously, I strongly advise against using this company.

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