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I recently bought all in one computer for my twelve year daughter. After 5 days all the multitouch features of the screen disappeared. I emailed the customers service and was advised to re-install software. Unfortunately I am not good with computers at all and cannot imagine myself to do such reinstallation. So I emailed them back explaining the situation. I was advised to call their customer service and subsequently do the installation myself but under their telephone leadership. If unsuccessful they might be willing to collect the computer and fix it. I am not brave enough for this. So problem unsorted for weeks now. I believe that customers should not fix faulty computers by themselves. If I had bought it in a normal shop I would have simply taken it back. Do not buy unless you are a PC specialist yourself.

11 December 2012

Reply from PC Specialist

Dear Sir,

Many thanks for the review, please note at any point you can log into your PCS account and request an RMA return for the PC - we will get this picked up and sorted out for you.

Sadly if this is just a case of updating the driver or reinstalling the operating system due to corruption it is a software problem and is not covered under warranty, if we had to bring a PC back for every time a driver needed updating we would be out of business.

A good part of owning a PC is keeping it up to date and performing basic maintenance and you do not have to be a PC Specialist to do this - a reinstall guide, with pictures, and step by step instructions is included in the welcome manual you received, we have also offered as you have stated above to walk you through the installation procedure over the phone - a very easy task - how this warrants a 1 star review and has been seen as bad service is beyond us.

We will never ever leave someone stranded with a new PC and no support if you believe it to be a hardware fault, please by all means get the PC booked in from your account, we will make sure it is looked at ASAP and sent back to you.

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