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What Customer Service

Tried to make an online order and after registering it wiped all my goods from the basket, TWICE! After finally accepting my details i attempted to make a payment ony to me met with please try again, i checked my bank and unsurprisingly they had taken the money from my account. I then decided to contact their customer services to check that the order hadn't indeed been placed, after navigating their website i discovered there was no way of phoning anybody, make of that what you will, the only method of contact was advertised as email or by post. The email option is farcical, you have choose a topic from the drop down menu and every single option except one will take away the email option and fob you off with a FAQ answer. The only option that allows you to send a message takes away the message box and you can only send an order number. The FAQ answers are inaccurate and if your not happy with them you have to write a letter and send it in the post! According to Sports Direct they hadn't actually taken my money and it was pending and if it showed up on a bank statement as being taken, it was actually still there but was pending and the number was a reference number showing this. According to my bank, they had very much taken my money and the reference number they referred to, was actually an authorisation number to show they indeed had taken the money. The helpful customer service team you can't actually contact but had left a handy FAQ menu instead, informed through their useless fob off menu that the money that was actually pending and not sitting in their account , would take 5 working days to show in my account again, 5 WORKING DAYS!!!! Again make of that what you will but clearly something really isn't right there. I will never ever shop from there again and will warn anyone I meet against shopping there. Awful

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