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Poor Quality

As I have no wet central heating I needed an electric towel rail. The mirus towel with the variable heat thermostat seemed perfect and reasonable in price. The order process was easy and delivery was good, sadly things went downhill when it came to the installation. The element supplied did not fit the towel rail, I contacted Geyser who to their credit agreed to send a replacement but only when I agreed for them to charge a £90 "holding fee" . They only had the one in stock and they fitted the element prior to dispatch, apparently it took a bit of force but the element fitted, problem solved ! or so I thought. The replacement arrived in good time but had been poorly packaged and the element was damaged. I contacted Geyser and with their agreement I replaced the damaged element with the one I already had and it fitted, problem solved ! or so I thought ! When fitted on the wall all looked good until the towel warmer got up to heat, there was a pin hole leak from one of the factory welded joints. I contacted Geyser again and they would send a replacement, not that they had one in stock. I was told that these were made abroad, Turkey, I think. The only problem with a replacement is there was no guarentee that 1) the element would fit or 2) the wall fixings would be in the same position a bit of a problem when the rail is fitted to limestone tiled walls. I managed to stop the leak with some epoxy putty and luckily the repair is not obvious. It is all well and good for Geyser to keep sending replacements but it seems to be a bit of lottery what you get. At least the one I have is on the wall, drying my towels and no longer leaking, with no guarentees that the replacement will be any better I have decided "why take the risk". The staff were polite but that alone does not solve problems, my conclusion, poor quality and not worth the money, pay a little extra and go elsewhere.

08 December 2012

Reply from Geyser Radiators Ltd


I am very disappointed to read your review. We sell 100s of electric towels rails every week and all our customers are very happy with our products and service.

To Explain: The reason the element would not fit into your towel rail, is due to the fact that the horizontal bars were not cut short enough inside the towel rail, meaning they were overhanging inside the vertical uprights. When fitted as central heating this does not matter, but when fitting as electric it needs to be a clear space for the element. The particular plant who manufacture the Mirus for us will make lots of towel rails for different companies. A new warehouse operative will have joined the plant who will not have been informed the there must be nothing in the uprights of the towel rail leaving free space for the element to be inserted.

As you have stated in your review even though there was an issue with the product our staff were polite, helpful and as a company continually looked into the issues until the problems were resolved for you.

You suggest that customers should go elsewhere and pay a little more. With the best will in the world every company at some point may experience issues with their products. Apple, Dyson etc do not always achieve 100% customer satisfaction with products.

However just as with Geyser Radiators it is the service on offer and the no quibble exchange policy we put in place which makes the difference.

We simply charge a holding fee to enable a replacement product to be sent out straight away ahead of the faulty product coming back. This saves our customer's time in not having repeated tradesmen coming to remove and then re-connect replacement products. Alternatively the old item can be returned and once received back, a new replacement sent without the need for a holding fee. We give our customers the choice. If you purchased an item from any store you would be expected to return it to be replaced with another and you wouldn't be given a new one until the old one has been returned.

I hope my explanation sheds some light onto this situation from our perspective.

Your rail is guaranteed for 5 years and the element for 2 years. If at any point within this time you are unhappy with the performance of the product, you can contact us for a resolution.

Alex Ramsay
General Manager

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