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Repair nightmare

I always judge suppliers and services on their reaction to problems. Anyone can be 'the cheapest' or 'the fastest', but its when things go wrong that you really find out about an organisation.
On this measure TalkTalk are simply crap. Unless I am pleasantly surprised in the next few days they are doing nothing to expedite my fault repair. In which case I will revise my review.
To be fair the reporting of the fault (total loss of connection) was easy and calls have been redirected to my mobile, but thats the end of the good news.
Its impossible to get any actual update on the fault beyond a generic web message or a customer service agent with a script full of buzzwords to set your teeth on edge, and thats after a 10 minute wrestle with the phone 'system'.
I coudnt even access the webmail from a different network becuase "All Tiscali customers have access issues due to migration to TalkTalk". What tosh. And I could hardly understand my Indian friends accent.
Simply unacceptable service level in this day and age. A refund will be small consolation for 3 days and counting of no connection.

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