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If there's a WORSE company I hope I never run across them

Five days ago Yodel lost a parcel from Amazon - said they'd delivered it, but hadn't. Yodel's "complaints" department got back to me, said they'd lost it and suggested that I ask Amazon to replace it. Amazon sent a replacement via a different courier & it got here. Yesterday I bought something else, paid for next day delivery and that got here (via a third courier). All the time <external link removed> turn up and deliver stuff reliably. At 19:48 last night Yodel left a card saying they'd tried to deliver something & would try again today. Waited in ALL day & no sign of Yodel. Tonight their tracking says they delivered the parcel at 15:43. The same tracking says that the parcel left their depot at 15:13, but 30 mins (the theoretical drive time given by computerised route finders) isn't long enough to drive from their depot to here (the route goes through town centres which adds about 15 mins at that time of day). That's the same time differential that they claimed for the other missing parcel as well , so what's going on ????
Maybe it's time to stop shopping on-line & get stuff from the shops in town.

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