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The worst customer service I have ever experienced.

I ordered broadband option 2 and phone package and paid my line rental up front for 12 months. Paper work arrived and it was showing option 1. Contacted BT on wednesday who applogised and said they would have to cancel my order which would take 24 hours and they would refund the money i paid for the land line. They took my number and said they would ring me back on the Friday morning to re-order. I got an email to say my order was cancelled just after that call. I did not get a call at the time the said they would ring so I called them again, was told that the person i needed to speak to was busy but she would call me back later that day, nobody called so I called again late Friday o be told the order was not cancelled yet and would take 24 hours so call back sat pm. I was now confused as I had received an email wednesday night to say it was cancelled.
I phoned BT saturday evening and was told yet again the order was still open and not cancelled and it would take 24 hours before I could re-order, I was also informed that they had not yet processed my refund for the 12 months up front land line.
So to summerise so far it has taken 3 days and 4 calls to BT to try and get them to cancel my order which they got wrong and to initiate the refund of my money and I still have not been able to place the order for the package I originally ordered.
My advice to anybody thinking about moving to BT - DON'T

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