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Most reviews look fake.

It is trite knowledge that dissatisfied customers are in percentage terms far more vocal than satisfied customers, except it would seem when it comes to the reviews on Trustpilot! The figures against many of the businesses listed are simply not credible, especially those where 5 star ratings far outnumber 1 star ratings, but if you do not accept that just look how bad ratings are very quickly swamped by 5 star ratings with reviews from 'first time' posters. Just not credible.

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12 December 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi James, and thanks for leaving a review.
I can understand your scepticism when so many positive reviews and you are right, around 72% of all reviews on Trustpilot are 5 stars. You are right to say that dissatisfied customers are in theory more likely to leave a review to warn others, while happy customers don't necessarily think about it. But what if you asked all you customers after they purchased from your company to leave a review, just by sending them an email with a link? That is what Trustpilot is helping many companies achieving. A company's reputation can only be representative if all customers are asked to leave a review.
The reason you see so many "first time" posters is simply because they have been invited to leave a review by email and automatically got a user profile created for Trustpilot. They don't need to actively login, as we know who the reviewer is. You can see next to many reviews the term "Review by confirmed purchaser". It means that we have a proof of purchase attached to this person and his/her review is therefore genuine. I hope it helps you understand how trustpilot works, and that you see the value in it.

Kind regards,
Bertrand Carton



Next day delivery did not materialize, courier claimed I had refused delivery which was simply a lie. Told I would get delivery next day (Saturday) still waiting in at 7pm and still no sign!

Glad I did not make my full order but tried them out first, will be going elsewhere to fill the bulk of my order.

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08 December 2012

Reply from IronmongeryDirect

Dear Roy,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in your order being delivered. I am disappointed to hear that we have let you down; I understand the importance of your goods being delivered in a timely fashion to enable our customers to carry out work to their schedule.

Unfortunately, your review does not contain any order reference or contact details so I am unable to look into the delay at this time for you.

Please contact me directly on 0808 168 28 28 to discuss the details of your order so that i can resolve this as a matter of urgency.

Kind regards,

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