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You really can't fault them.

I have only ordered two things from these guys, and I already love them.
Game 1 - Resident Evil 6: Came in a couple days, amazing price.
Game 2 - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Came TWO days before release day! Was very happy!

Given the fact that a few companies as of late have gone off the rails according to their recent reviews (Zavvi with pre-orders, ShopTo with their horrific customer service) everyone I know who have used TheGameCollection seem to love them like me.
(BTW Zavvi offer great customer service just a shame about pre-orders)


Grade C's looking like Grade B, not responding to e-mails

The first order I ever made was of an iPhone 4 grade B. It looked immaculate, and I told my friends and family about them. I then ordered two phones, a HTC One X and a Motorola Razr I. These were also Grade B but not anywhere near the quality of the first phone. I have ordered a tablet also in Grade B which was also very scratched, looking like a Grade C.

They get two stars for their returns policy. I returned the Nexus 7 which cost £90, and they only refunded me £85. They are also ignoring my e-mails.


Very great prices, always sending me discount codes to say thanks, polite staff

After I decided ShopTo was a no go zone due to their appalling customer service, I now result to Zavvi for all my games and films. I'm happy I did. I ordered the An Idiot Abroad Blu-ray boxset at the already great price of £10.99. I was sent a 10% a few hours earlier which is very nice of zavvi, and saved me over £1! Thank you Zavvi!


Great price, great delivery time

Ordered Rayman Legends for under £25 and it hadn't even been out for 2 weeks, got it a working day later and very pleased. Will use them again and you should too.


Wouldn't buy from them again, banned me after two faulty consoles

ShopTo was, to me, the go to place for video games, until my 2nd Wii U couldn't connect to the internet, and I was banned from buying consoles from them again.

If anyone has a PS4 pre-ordered with them, I'd cancel, if you hear about the problems so far, and you have two faulty consoles, it's bad news.

I suspect If I returned two of the same game I'd also be banned from buying games, but anyway, I'm warning you. I closed my account after abysmal customer service, my Dad used their merchant on Play, but I warned him. Hope he has no similar problems.

EDIT: Now closed my father's account due to this, I contacted someone on the phone who was blatantly rude. He was telling a member of staff saying "I've got him on the phone." This disgusts me how a company can act this way, he was saying "I've got to put the phone down now due to other customers waiting." More customers with problems, good luck. After seeing other reviews in the past couple of months, they seem to be banning people left right and centre. I'd use someone else if I were you, as some have gone with having their money completely vanished. Use TheGameCollection, Zavvi or Amazon. GraingerGames are good too.

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