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Do not use this company

I would advise you not to order from this company. I have now been waiting for a week over the nominated delivery day and have still not received my order. In addition to this I have called the customer help line every day since Monday (it is now Saturday), on occasion twice a day. The call durations have been anything from 30 MINUTES to 2 HOURS long. Compensation has been given for these calls. Each person of the customer care team I have spoken to has assured me the order would be delivered THAT DAY. The order is yet to arrive. I have now spent a total of 20 HOURS out of work hours waiting for the order to arrive at my work address, again no compensation has been offered for this. I have been told on numerous occasions and on one occasion by THE MANAGER that I would receive a call back with information on my order after discussion with the courier, I have yet to receive these calls. I was informed today that an investigation was being started by the team leader and I would receive a call before 10pm. It is now 10.15pm and I am yet to hear anything back. There is no direct contact with the courier company and each time I have called they have told me that they have spoken to the courier’s manager and the order is of the HIGHEST PRIORITY and will be delivered ASAP and definitely before 7pm that day – again no one has checked this and no order has been delivered. Each member of the customer care team has been “sympathetic” and “understands” my concern, yet NOTHING has been done about it. Each day I am phoning and have ran up a bill of around £50. This is a £250 order that they seem to think is in the back of a van somewhere and they have no idea where it is, have no contact with the courier directly, REFUSE to send out a duplicate order and will only refund the money after an investigation has taken place.

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Sarah Mc
Edinburgh, United Kingdom